Johannesburg and Home


Well, we have been to Mandela’s house, gone on safari, seen Victoria Falls, rode elephants, and walked the big cats.  Our trip was coming to a close.  For the last tow days we would go back to Johannesburg, rest, relax, and meet the man who made this whole trip possible, Mr. James Ndambo.

We packed our bags and headed back to the Livingstone airport for a flight back to Johannesburg.  This was an experience that I will not go into.  Anyway, back in Johannesburg we waited for a train to take us to our hotel.


We had all of our bags so navigating was a bit tricky.  However, we arrived at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Johannesburg.  We checked in and then the time was ours.  Kathy and I enjoyed a delicious dinner in the hotel’s dining room.

Here I am just sitting and waiting for some food.  You can see Johannesburg at night through the windows.

The food came.  Yes, here are my food shots for this post.  The soup was interesting is that a bowl with a mound of mascarpone cheese was placed in front of me and then the tomato soup was poured around it. Salmon was the main course and dessert was creme brulee.  The creme brulee was interesting there because it was always served with sorbet and fruit.

The next day we went to meet Mr. James Ndambo.  He is the one that made this whole trip possible.  We first met him in a board room in his office building.


We were then given a tour of the office building where he has this gem.


It was then off to his house for lunch and to meet his wife. Here are some pictures of his lovely home.

Here he is with hie niece and our niece, Melisa.


His wife, Theresa, is flanked by his two sisters, Foster and Rosely.  Foster is Melisa’s mother and the one who contacted us about going on the trip.


It was then back to the hotel.  That evening there was a huge dinner celebration hosted by Mr. Ndambo for us and the people who work for him.

The next day it was time to head home.  Because we had a late afternoon flight, we were able to relax on the outside deck of the hotel and have some lunch before heading to the airport.


After boarding a plane on Saturday we returned to JFK Sunday where we were met by family and friends.


This truly was a trip of a lifetime for us.  I still can’t believe we went.  So, where to next?  After all, we now have passports so we might as well make use of them.  Well, in April we are off to New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji.


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9 responses to “Johannesburg and Home

  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying your adventures!

  2. Our preacher goes to Adis Ababa, Ethiopia 3-4 times a year. I love reading his updates. I enjoyed yours too.

  3. So nice to have that personal connection to a place.

  4. lindabaie

    I know I’ve said it before, but have loved every part that you’ve shared. This seems like a nice punctuation mark for the end, a lot of thanks and getting to know who planned the trip, then a fine greeting at JFK. I love that you’re off somewhere else that’s wonderful. That is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share!

  5. Such an exciting trip. I truly enjoyed everything you shared. And now New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji! How wonderful!

  6. Thanks for sharing your trip. I have enjoyed going along to see the sights and meet the people. Truly the trip of a lifetime.

  7. Terje

    You have had quite an adventure. (I went back and read your previous posts) What a journey!

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