After all of the sight seeing over the last few days it was time to move on to the real reason for our trip…the family reunion.  It had been a while since Foster and Rosely had been back to Africa so now it was time to visit the place where they were born and grew up We hopped back on the buses and drove up to Choma which was a bit of a drive from Livingston.

Although where we stayed was definitely downsized from where we had been staying, the accommodations were still nice.  We stayed at Racheal’s Lodge.  How the driver ever found it I do not know.  Once we got off of the main road nothing was paved and there were no street signs pointing the way.

Here are some pictures of Racheal’s.  In the second picture, our room was on the left.  I was surprised by the electric fence surrounding the place and the fact that there was a gate that had to be opened by a security person to enter the place.  You can see that the area around the buildings was not paved.


We had enough time to place our bags in our rooms then it was time to board the buses and head out for lunch.  A tent was set up for us at a near by farm.  Here you can see what it looked like.

Foster’s sister made all of the floral centerpieces.  There was also a neat corner ideal for picture taking.

Let the party begin.  There was singing and dancing before and after the meal.  A local band provided music.

This guy was waiting.  I really don’t know if he got anything.


More singing and dancing.

As Foster told us, about 95% of the people here were related.  After lunch we headed out to the grave sites of Foster and Rosely’s parents.  Here they held a short ceremony and everyone placed flowers on the graves.

George built the first New Apostolic Church in Choma so that is where we headed next.  The church is still used today.

We visited other churches as well.  Yes, the “C” is missing.

Next was a visit to the house where George and Nellie raised their 8 children, two being Foster and Rosely.

I was surprised at how small the house was and can’t imagine 10 people living there.

The next day we went to visit the village where Foster’s husband, Gift, grew up.  This was really out in the middle of nowhere.  After traveling the roads to get there I will never again complain about the pot holes here in PA.

We saw where Gift’s father and sister are buried.  Melisa, our niece and Shadreck’s grandfather laid flowers on the grave.

It was time for one more meal at the farm before we left.

It just happened to be a full moon while we were there.

Next week Johannesburg and home.


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6 responses to “Choma

  1. Each week, this trip becomes more amazing! This is truly a trip of a lifetime! It also make one put into perspective what we think are annoyances in our life, truly are not.

  2. What Elsie said! I love the interior shots of their home – it offers a glimpse into another family’s life – different from mine, and yet (in important ways) so much the same.

  3. Ditto the above comments. It is nice to see this personal connection and to get some perspective on our own lives.

  4. lindabaie

    It looks like a wonderful family time, and to celebrate the past lives as well as re-connect with those today. I’m so glad you’re sharing all this with us, Bob. Thank you!

  5. Nothing is better than time with family and friends! You certainly had an exciting visit celebrating such wonderful moments on your trip.

  6. Wow I would love to go to Africa !

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