My New Best Friend


Ever since I got home from the hospital I have met a new “best friend”.  He is not someone that I didn’t know before, in fact, he has been around here for years.  I guess I took him for granted.  All that has changed and I am glad he dos not hold any hard feelings for my ignoring him all of these years.

His name is Grabber.   Since we are now best buds I just call him Grab.  For the longest time Grab just hung around in our closet.  Now he is at the table hanging in clear sight and easy access.

grabber 1

You see, since my operation I am not allowed to bend down or pick up anything heavier than five pounds.  Grab is my go-to friend for this.  I could ask Kathy to get me things and I know that she would, but she has enough to do without me adding trivial tasks to her list.

This morning I woke up to find some papers Kathy had on the counter were now on the floor.  I wonder how they got there Dustin.  I could have left them until Kathy got up but I asked Grab for help instead.

grabber 2

It was back on the counter in no time.

I then decided to go out and get the morning paper.  I took Grab with me.grabber 3

I can’t bend down to pick it up, but it was easy work for Grab.  Thanks buddy.

I must say that Grab has a playful side as well.  Here you can see him and Dustin having some fun.

grabber 4

Without Grab I would be much less independent than I am.  Thanks for being there for me pal.



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36 responses to “My New Best Friend

  1. It’s always good to have a buddy by your side in times of need. I know Grab is happy to be your back up buddy.

  2. Grabber looks quite helpful. Better than bending over to pick things up.
    Glad to hear you are recovering!

  3. Great to know that not all buddies have to be “high tech” – Having a purpose and being able to do it well is definitely a priority! So nice to be able to handle things on your own and even play with Dustin. ❤

  4. the humor in your post tells me you are feeling much better. This was a funny post! Just don’t get too carried away with Grabber. He/she may get too rambunctious!

  5. Now that’s a pal worth having around! My husband had both hips replaced over several years, and he had one of these, too – they came in handy and he got quite good at using this “pal” to help reach for things.

  6. I’m amazed that you actually had him in the closet! Lucky you, & it does look like he’s being very useful. And I bet you didn’t realize that it’s a new toy for Dustin, either. Keep on keeping on!

    • We actually found him when we were cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house. We brought him home and used him for retrieving cat toys from under furniture.

  7. One of Grabber’s cousins lives at my house. He reaches out the 2nd story kitchen window to get hold of the empty bird seed container hanging in the tree so I can refill it without climbing a ladder up to reach the tall tree limb. I need a name for Grabber’s cousin!!! Loved the personification in this post AND the picture of Grabber entertaining Dustin – classic!!!

  8. Judy C.

    The inventor of Grabber has probably made his mint. Such a handy invention for so many people. Glad that Grab is helping you out and allowing you to be independent.

  9. rosecappelli

    This post made me laugh, especially the sly aside to Dustin.Glad you have a buddy to help you out and that you seem to be getting somewhat back to normal.

  10. Terje

    I like how you see the support as a friend, even gave it a name, and look for both helpful and playful side of it.

  11. Unexpected and entertaining! Thanks.

  12. Unexpected. Funny. Thanks.

  13. We need all kinds of friends don’t we? Glad to hear you are doing well.

  14. Amy

    This made me laugh! I have a friend named “Grab” too. He helps me pick up things, like hangers, that fall behind my washing machine and dryer. 🙂

  15. Now that you have gotten to know him so well, I think Grab will always be close at hand. He is a very useful guy. Thanks for the smiles.

  16. Really enjoyed the humor in this post, and the pictures were an added bonus. Grab makes for a great topic slice, too!

  17. We get by with a little help from our friends, yes? Luckily the Grabster is that strong silent type of friend. Where you may not communicate for quite some time, but once you get together again it’s all good. Grabby may not be much of a talker, but he picks up on everything you say, lol. Glad to read that you’re just that much more out and about.

  18. As someone just under 5 feet tall, I recognize your new friend. I am friends with his cousin. At home, I use a soup ladle to reach the cups at the back of the second shelf. At the grocery store, I rely upon the kindness of strangers to reach the can of garbanzo beans at the back of the top shelf.

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