Questions Don’t Always Require Answers



We all ask questions we don’t expect answers to.  Sometimes we ask these of others an sometimes we ask ourselves.  On careful examination are there questions that should never be asked?

Well, during the last week I have been asked some strange things plus had some questions of my own.

First of all, the day I had my heart cath the doctor finished and came in to talk to me.  I was prepared to be told I had a stent put in.  Instead, I got this questions:  How are you still alive?  How is blood even flowing through that clog?  Do you know that what you have we call the widow maker?  All perfectly good questions but none I wanted to hear of ha answers for.

Moving on to after surgery,  Post op and post recovery I am back in the SICU.  These are some questions asked by nurses  On waking up the first time and being aware of what I just went through a nurse comes in ans asks:  “Are you in Pain”  Really?  my chest has just be cut open and expanded, arteries pulled from one arm and one leg and I am asked this?  Of course there is no pain.  I could go out dancing right now.

Another brilliant nurse question. It is the middle of the night.  I was asleep but I hear walking around the room.  I open my eyes and there is a nurse checking.  I know this is what she has to do. Then she asks:  “Are you getting any sleep?”

The next example is not really a question but something I was told to do.  PT had me out of bed for my first walk post-surgery.  We are in the hallway by the nurse’s station when she reminds me: “Don’t forget that you have to walk back so tell me before you get tired.”  Huh?  Do I know exactly when I have exceeded my endurance level?

I now have a question for them.  To be prepped for surgery my chest was shaved from neck to belly button.  I would like to know why, when the chest tubes were taped in place they found the spot that wasn’t shaved and placed the tape there.

Once again I would just like to acknowledge all of those wonderful people who got me through this.  I know I wouldn’t be if not for them.  I also want to thank them for some blog topics.


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35 responses to “Questions Don’t Always Require Answers

  1. Bob,
    I’m still laughing at the questions! And oh, so remembering that a hospital is not a “restful place” when they are checking on you all the time! We are all so grateful that you had GREAT care even though it came with some SILLY questions! (and food for blog posts!) ❤

  2. I am so happy that you are feeling well enough to blog. It really is something, the kids of stupid questions that are asked by people sometimes. I don’t think that every question requires and answer, just as every text and email don’t warrant answers either.
    Be well and continue on the road to improved health.

  3. Sounds like that doctor needs to work on his word choice and bedside manner. What a terrible way to phrase the questions! Seriously. There are so many other more effective ways to communicate information.
    Your question for them made me chuckle.
    I wish you a continued smooth recovery.

  4. Wow! I just had to respond to this. My sweet daughter has been through 5, yes five, open-heart surgeries since she was 5 years old. She is now 32. We have heard every stupid question you can think of and we’ve been through every insensitive nurse that’s out there. It doesn’t get better, unfortunately. Yes, there are the occasional exceptions, but they really are exceptions. Hang in there. Hope your recovery goes well.

  5. I can’t imagine going through 5 open heart surgeries. One thought one was enough. I wish your daughter and you well.

  6. I see that they didn’t remove, or clear, your sense of humor, and am thankful for that. You found just the right questions to share. Since they say laughter is the best medicine, perhaps those nurses are taught the questions so patients can laugh, and laugh some more. I’m so happy to see you writing again, and hope your wife is doing okay too. This must have been a tough time for her, too. Best of my wishes to you both.

    • Thank you Linda. With an hour plus drive one way each day it was tough for her but she is my rock. Yes, laughter is the best medicine even if it hurts at the time.

  7. You clearly are healing because you still have that great sense of humor. This was a bit more than you were expecting but glad you had a great crew to help you through. Now I am watching for recovery humor – I am sure you will find lots to share! I am sending my best to you and your wife as you heal! Thinking of you!

  8. Judy C.

    I think there are times when we all ask those “stupid” questions and really don’t expect (or want) an answer. So glad that you could find humor as you recover and are thankful for all that those nurses and doctors did to make you better. What else would you have to slice about?

  9. It is with relief that I read your humorous take on the questions and statements you’ve endured. Some people will go through a lot just to get a new topic to blog about in March. I think you deserve the prize for the most unique way to come up with ideas, and not one I would ever recommend to anyone else. I hope you are a good patient and taking it easy.

  10. As others have commented, your appealing humor shines through your recovery! I have to believe it gives you strength among other things, too. I have always thought of humor as a gift. I’m in awe that you’ve come through this surgery writing and commenting on the other end. It’s really inspiring!

  11. Glad the sense of humor is still there.We need a brand new category of special prizes for this challenge because, as Elsie said, you sure went to great lengths to get ideas for blog posts! Appreciate the seriousness just below the surface, too- the gratitude is clear and reminds us all to be thankful for every day of life and health.

  12. The good news is that you are on the road to recovery and sound like yourself. The bad news: some doctors and nurses need to have their heads examined. Goofy questions!

  13. rosecappelli

    So glad you are back, Bob! And I agree with what everyone else said about not losing your sense of humor. Hope you are feeling better every day.

  14. Amy

    Your post is quite comical. It’s a good thing to be able to see the humor in all of it. And, it does make for a great SOL. Wishing you a smooth road to recovery.

  15. The hospital is the worst place to rest, that’s for sure!!! I enjoyed the humor in this slice; and I love the nod to the hospital staff for providing you with good blog topics!!

  16. Ugh hospitals! Even as a visitor I overhear some questions that make my eyes roll into my head. The post op “Are you in pain” is my favorite facepalm of these. At least you can maintain your humor in all this and laughter is the best medicine.

  17. So glad to see your humor shining through in this post. One upside of this ordeal is that you now have a lot to slice about.

  18. Sara Thornton

    Love your humor, but so sorry you had to have surgery! Make sure the kitties take good care of you. I know Kathy will.

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