In a previous post I had mentioned that we were getting a new kitten – Dustin.  Well, on Thursday we brought him home.

Dustin Pick up

He sat quietly in the carrier as we made the 40 minute ride home.

nap time

Of course, when we brought him into the house Ned and Molly had to check him out.

checking out dustin

Dustin was tired after all of the excitement so he found a place to settle.

Dustin 002

He couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Dustin 003

Dustin is listed as a mink and sable Mctabby. He has certainly made himself at home and Ned and Molly seem to tolerate him although they are not too pleased about this interloper.  In the weeks to come I will share more pictures and bore you with stories about our new addition.

I will close this post by just saying that we are so happy that Dustin is now a part of our family.


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14 responses to “Dustin

  1. You will never bore me with stories of your fur babies. I love cats! Dustin is beautiful and he looks very settled in. Ned and Molly will just have to face the fact there is a new brother in the house.

  2. Sweet slice and photos… enjoy your new kitten.

  3. Welcome, Dustin! He looks like he will fit in well, but I am wondering who’s the “Big Cat” for the present?

  4. Terje

    You win the cutest post contest for sure. Sweet, sweet slice. Dustin melts all the hearts.

  5. A very cute kitty! And the cats will adjust. Our two get along, but randomly burst into hissing fits every now and then.

  6. rosecappelli

    Welcome, Dustin! I love all the pics. Nothing is cuter than a sleeping kitten (except maybe a sleeping baby). Enjoy your new addition!

  7. I’m not a cat person (i.e., I have terrible allergies and asthma!), but Dustin is SO cute. Enjoy the newest member of your family.

  8. How I love cats! (Which would be how I ended up with 6!) Dustin is just beautiful.

  9. Judy C.

    Awww. Such a cutie! Love the pictures and the words to go along. I’m sure Ned and Molly will adjust and enjoy his kitten antics. Have fun!

  10. He is adorable! What a sweet baby. Enjoy him while he’s little and appreciate him when he grows up.

  11. I love seeing the photos, too! I hope to hear some funny stories about the adjustment process and kitty hijinks.

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