Return of an Old Friend and Dsappointment


SOL March Challenge 2015 – Day 21

I was so looking forward to yesterday for several reasons.  t was the first day of Spring.  We could finally put winter behind us. More importantly, though, an old friend was returning, one I haven’t seen in several months because she was away for the winter.

It is always exciting when someone you care about returns. Rita, Kathy and I have a long standing tradition that we all get together on the first day of Spring and celebrate.  I drove by Rita’s place on Thursday in anticipation of going back the next day.

Accordian and Rita's 003Accordian and Rita's 004

As you can see, it was pretty quiet in her parking lot.  I know that on Friday there would be cars filling the lot and people lined up at the windows outside as well as inside waiting to get their free Italian ice.  This is something Rita does every year on the first day of Spring.  I knew that Kathy and I would be in line along with everyone else.  I knew that I would pay a dollar to upgrade from an ice to a gelati, frozen ice and custard.

However, Mother Nature played a mean trick on me.  When I woke up and looked outside yesterday, this is the sight that greeter me.

Accordian and Rita's 005Accordian and Rita's 006

Oh well, maybe by 3:30 the snow would stop and road conditions wouldn’t be too bad.  At 3:30 it was still snowing.  I knew that I wanted to go because pictures of the crowd and my gelati were what I had planned for today’s post.  I convinced Kathy that we could try going.  After all, the road just looked wet.

I cleaned off the car and we took off. Rita’s is about a 25 minute drive from home.  We live in a valley so we had to go up the mountain to leave, plus there were two more mountains we would have to go up and down.  As we got to the first mountain, the road wasn’t looking too promising.  I went up anyway.  The closer I got to the top, the worse the road got.  Reaching the top I told Kathy that I just didn’t thing it was worth going.  She agreed and we turned around and came home.  I was disappointed.  I would not see Rita on her first day back.  I wouldn’t get my dollar gelati.

More importantly, I wouldn’t have a post for today.  I just had to be contented with some leftover home made Tandy Cakes.  Life is tough!


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21 responses to “Return of an Old Friend and Dsappointment

  1. Something to look forward to next Saturday? Tell us more about these Tandy Cakes please.

  2. I love your post. Rita most likely missed you too! We too had snow and I had to cook Friday night supper (not on my list usually) because the snow was terrible by last afternoon and we did not dare to Dan’s, our Chinese food supplier!

  3. Mother Nature was looking out for your diet yesterday. I’m glad you decided that the road conditions were not favorable for mountain climbing and you returned home safely. Surely you will be visiting Rita another day this month and you will get your slice from that day. I know you may have to pay a bit more, but live it up, be extravagant this one time. 🙂

  4. Someday soon it will be spring and winter will be behind us even though the calendar says spring is here. I think Mother Nature might be “calendar-challenged.” 😉 Love the pictures in your post. Picture do speak a thousand words along with a bazillion snow flakes. D 🙂

  5. I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday. I;m thinking a visit to Rita might be in store afterwards.

  6. rosecappelli

    I, too, was looking forward to visiting Rita on her first day back. But it was more of a hot chocolate day than a water ice day here, too! Today it will be almost 60 degrees, so maybe I’ll see her today.

  7. Such a great post and so sad you couldn’t make it. We have sun and cool weather with snow set for tomorrow. Not happy – I was hoping to find a roof top dinner to sit at and enjoy the spring. I guess I will have to wait as well. Here is hoping you make Rita’s next weekend!

  8. We are all disappointed in the northeast with yet another Saturday snow event. Rita’s is a rite of Spring, right? We must all be patient.

  9. The snow cause me disappointment too… ended up canceling today’s get together with a friend. 😦 At least these disappointments are temporary!

  10. Jaana

    Spring snow will melt faster (at least according to my science). Hopefully by the time you get to Rita’s, it will sunny and much warmer!

  11. macrush53

    I hope you get there soon. How sad to have the snow now. I love that you were able to still have something to write about just not what you expected.

  12. Mother Nature doesn’t always want to cooperate with our yearly traditions. Oh well, I find that many times when things don’t go exactly as planned are the ones that I remember the most, especially when bad weather is involved. A few years from now, you may be saying, “Remember when we had snow on the first day of spring, and we couldn’t make it to Rita’s? I’m glad that it is 75 degrees today.” (said as you are enjoying your gelati).

  13. I’m thinking that Tandy Cakes are a pretty good deal on a snowy day. I felt the same way about the snow that greeted us on the first day of Spring. Oh, the irony of it!

  14. Ha…caught by you again! I was thinking how sad that your reunion with your friend Rita did not go well! I wonder what happened. Then haha…but a little sad that you and Kathy did not get to participate in your first day of Spring ritual! Spring and then summer will no doubt provide many opportunities to catch up!

  15. It’s too bad you didn’t have anything to write about….ha! I guess this will be a first day of spring to remember for NOT getting to Rita’s and telling stories of the attempted drive there.

  16. Our friend ‘Shivers’ came back this spring….but we were unable to visit…maybe when it gets a bit warmer. We are able to take the short walk there and not have to worry about driving over mountains…of course, there are not hills in Toledo…let alone mountains. Glad you felt it best you miss Rita for the day…and from the looks of the Tandys…I am sure your sweet tooth was satisfied. 🙂

  17. I totally felt your pain…except that I am jealous that you are in the mountains. Was it short lived? Will you get to Rita tomorrow? xo

  18. But what a slice you did have! It may be spring but mother nature sure won’t let go of winter! Hope you get your visit in soon.

  19. So sorry you missed it. Anticipation is what makes life good, though, and now you have us all waiting for Rita’s, just as you are. Sorry about the snow. Soon, winter will vamoose!

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