Thinking of Others


SOL Challenge Day 11

I like to think of myself as a person who has other’s best interests at heart.  This is not something that has started recently, rather, I have doing this for years.  An incident comes to mind that occurred while I was in elementary school.  Yes, I actually can remember that far back.

I lived in a town where every summer each church held a block party as a fund raising event. There was always lots of food, drink, and games of chance at these events.  One stand sold “goodies”.  You could find almost any kind of sweet treat here.  This is where my concern about others took place.

Two things could always be found at this stand: flitch and mosie (molasses candy).  These were probably two of the worst things that could be sold.  Let’s start with mosey. These hard molasses candies resembled amber hockey pucks since they were usually made in muffin pans.  Mosey could also be made in a 9 x 13” pan and then broken into pieces, but the rounds made for nice individual servings. Each round was placed in a paper cupcake paper to further entice the unsuspecting (usually children).

The resemblance to hockey pucks is intentional because you could not bite into these candies.  You had to lick them and suck them.  Now I ask you, what if some unsuspecting parent came along and bought one for their child?  If that child tried to bite into one s/he could easily have broken a tooth.  The parents would then have a crying child who had to go to the dentist.  Think of the undue financial burden this could place on the parents.

I couldn’t let that happen.  I had to buy at least two pieces.  This way I know that I was saving at least two families from pain and hardship not to mention the sticky mess these candies made of the hands and face.  I do not look for gratitude.  I was just doing my part to be helpful.

Then there was the flitch.  The idea of using potatoes in a candy recipe!  Potatoes are meant to be served as a side dish topped with butter and gravy and not mixed with powdered sugar and vanilla to make a concoction that was then rolled out and spread with peanut butter.  This was then rolled into a log and cut into slices.  Imagine if some poor kid had a peanut allergy.  This kind of thing could cause all sorts of problems.  So once again I stepped in not thinking of myself and bought several dishes (usually 5 or 6 slices on a paper plate).  After all, I didn’t have a peanut allergy.  As before, I was only thinking about all of those poor children I saved.


To this day whenever there is a bake sale going on I must buy several things just to keep them out of the hands of young children who could suffer adverse effects from eating these kinds of things.  I know, it is a big responsibility, but someone had to do it.


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11 responses to “Thinking of Others

  1. Jaana

    You are so right! Each one of us has to do our part in helping the children! So glad you have taken your responsibility so seriously. BY the way, candy made from potatoes??? I can’t quite imagine that….

  2. I tell my own kids that it’s my job as their mother to perform “quality control” on things like Halloween candy so that I can be sure it’s safe for them to eat….sometimes quality control can take quite a while……

  3. You taught me something new. I’d never heard or tasted either of these things. Thanks for the “taste imagery” and pictures.

  4. You are so selfless and such a good citizen protecting children at all costs. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. 🙂

  5. Judy C.

    I am really impressed that you had the foresight as a children to save all those other unsuspecting children from dire straights. You are to be commended!

  6. Jackie Haworth Hoy

    I, too, learned of some new treats! How kind of you to think of those poor children with peanut allergies…or those who might end up breaking a tooth. This post had me smiling and chuckling through the whole thing. I love how your title tricked me! Thanks for putting me in a good mood. I am a bit grouchy in that my post today will not post on the site. I have tried six times on two different computers. That is why I stopped doing the Tuesday challenge…so I might not be able to finish this one… 😦 But your post brought up my spirits…and thanks.

  7. I left a message earlier but see it did not work….so I will try again. I love how your title tricked me…in fact, some of your other titles have done that! I also learned about two new treats….I think my sister has made the flitch, but did not know the name. it was also so considerate of you…at such an early age to think of others…those children who might break their teeth or be allergic to peanuts. 🙂 This post was fun!

    If you get another comment from me…it was one I sent this morning when my own blog post was not posting on the site. This happened during the Tuesday challenge…my posts were not showing….and I feared the same thing was happening again. But I saw that it showed up later this afternoon. 🙂

  8. Your selflessness is awe inspiring. 🙂

  9. Your altruism has been long lived! 🙂 (haha) Interesting to read about flich and mosey. Are they common? What part of the country? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. How do you do it every time? You give a serious title, and then it is so funny! The world is a kinder, gentler place with such an unselfish spirit guarding children and their parents!

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