SOL March Challenge Day 12

I am disappointed.  I thought that I would have something interesting to write about today based on what happened on Tuesday.  Wrong.

We switched cable, phone and internet providers.  Surely there would be plenty of fodder for writing with all of the things that could possibly go wrong.  Wrong.

Things never go as easily as you expect them to so I could write about mishaps.  Wrong?

The first thing I could complain about is waiting for the serviceman to arrive.  I was given a window of 12:30 to 5:00.  I could complain about not getting anything accomplished because I didn’t want to be in the middle of doing something when he arrived.  I could write about constantly checking out the window to see if a vehicle is parked in my driveway. Wrong.  At 12:15 I received a call from the serviceman saying he would be here in a few minutes.  Well, that blew that idea.

Maybe I could write about the hard time he would have trying to find the wires he needed.  I could picture him pushing up block after block of the drop ceiling in the basement trying to find what he needed.  Those wires are never where you think they should be. Wrong.  They were behind the first tile he moved.

I could write about how complicated the new remote would be to figure out.  After all, it had more buttons and different things than our old one did.  Surely it would take a master’s degree from MIT to figure it out.  Wrong.  It worked similar to what we had and in some instances it is easier.

I could possibly write about the hassle of getting our desktop, two laptops, two Nooks and two Kindles hooked up to the new server.  After all, passwords had to be changed and complicated ID numbers had to be entered.  Wrong.  The serviceman had them all up and connected in less than five minutes.

Now I am totally frustrated.  I don’t have anything to write about today.  Maybe I just won’t post today.  With the number of people participating in the March Challenge, my one little entry surely won’t me missed.


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12 responses to “Wrong

  1. Judy C.

    Oh, you would be missed. Don’t you just love it when EVERYTHING goes according to plan? With all that you expected to go wrong, it all went right and you got a slice out of it too! I cringe at the thought of changing anything technological.

  2. missmoyer

    Oh how I could relate to the idea of needing a degree from MIT to work the remote. Once I FINALLY figured mine out after changing companies, I would not allow anyone to touch it for them simple fact that it was so easy to screw up and so hard to reprogram. Thankfully three years later they’ve updated their remotes. I completely feel your pain. It’ll get better!

  3. Lee

    This definitely would have been missed! I hate when I’m hoping something will go wrong – anything for a story – and it’s all smooth as silk. Sounds like a great day!

  4. It’s hard to imagine an appointment going so smoothly. Consider how lucky you are and you even got a very creative post out of it.

  5. What a horrible experience for you! Everything went as smooth as butter. I feel you pain, so glad you didn’t skip today. This is a story that needs to be told . . . by you. 🙂

  6. How amazingly wonderful that it went so smoothly! Love your approach to writing this piece… I had a smile on my face throughout.

  7. This is clever. Even though daily life doesn’t feel worth writing about, you turned it into an interesting post that revealed much about your day.

  8. Too funny – and also unusual. In our house, changing cable servers is always such a frustrating experience.

  9. I hear your signature touch in this piece of writing. Funny speaking through a twist on an expected result. You are a master. My only complaint is that now every time I read your work I am wishing for a piece of flitch or mosey.(Thanks for the explanation on my blog! 🙂 )

  10. What an enjoyable post today. It is amazing that there was not one little problem….but how nice that it went so smoothly…..and it gave you quite a fun topic for your post today.

    I could not get my post on today….I found out that it keeps going to the spam folder. So, not sure I will be posting any more on the Two Writing Teachers. 😦

  11. But you did have something to say. And you did write. And that’s perfect!

  12. Ha! Perfect post! …I mean, sorry you didn’t
    get to post a slice. I’ll check and see if you have one on Friday!

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