Heading to NCTE


Tempus is fugiting! I can’t believe that it is time for NCTE.  It has been a few years since I have gone so I am really looking forward to it this year.  There will be many firsts for me at NCTE this year.

This is the first time that I am going and not affiliated with a school.  To me, this means several things.  I don’t need to write a report when I get back justifying my reimbursement.  I don’t feel like I need to attend a session in every time slot.

This year I can pick and choose things that interest me even though it might not be about something pertaining to a sixth grade English classroom.  It’s not I didn’t like sitting in on sessions pertaining to what I did; it’s just nice to know that I am not limited this year.

Because I always felt I needed to attend something during every time slot, I rarely had time to give the exhibit hall justice.  Scarfing down some lunch and then trying to move with the crowd sometimes made looking difficult.  At the end of the day I was tired and my head was spinning from all of the sessions I attendee that again I couldn’t look at the exhibits the way I would have liked.

Because I am no longer teaching, I am sure that I will find many useful things that I wish I had when I was still in the classroom.

I actually know some of the presenters this year so I am looking forward to sitting in on their sessions to support them and also hear what they have to say.

One thing I am really looking forward to this year is Saturday night’s dinner with the bloggers.  I have been part of the Tuesday Slice of Life and am excited about meeting the people whose posts I read and those who read my posts.

I do need to finish packing since the train leaves at 9:00 tomorrow morning.  I am not a good packer.  I never know what I will need and usually end up taking more than I should.  I am glad that this time I have someone who will help me pack and be sure that I have only what I need.


This promises to be an exciting week and I am sure the time will pass by quickly.


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11 responses to “Heading to NCTE

  1. margaretsmn

    I look forward to meeting you. I am also a bad packer. I’ve decided to pay the extra charge and take a large bag. I don’t want to limit my book purchases. (ha!) I do have a packed schedule but the exhibit hall is so rich! I will definitely carve out time(s) to go. See you soon!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you at Saturday’s dinner! I always intend to go to every session at NCTE, but then I get tired, need a break, and get lured by the exhibit hall. Shiny books! Authors! Free stuff!

  3. Judy C.

    It sounds like you are ready and set to go. It sounds like a wonderful event and I’m sure you’ll find a lot to share with us. Enjoy and take time to browse the exhibit hall. It’s always interesting to meet fellow bloggers. Have fun!

  4. What a great time you will have! I’m so jealous, but will look forward to reading what happens. Dinner will be awesome! There is nothing better than meeting fellow slicers. 🙂

  5. I’ve got to pack!! This will be my first time to NCTE and I hope not my last. Was really lucky to go this year. I’m going to the Slicer dinner so yeah! See you in a few days.

  6. WOW – LUCKY YOU . You will go to share and be part of the educational system you helped to make….and to share at the SOL dinner would be pretty wonderful….I will be with you all in spirit.

  7. I agree with you…there is a certain freedom in paying your own way…which is what I have had to do since 2008. Enjoy the luxury of time! Hope to see you there!

  8. Your post is making me think I overloaded my schedule. I scheduled a session in every time slot. Too much?? Maybe. We’ll see how I feel once I get there. I haven’t packed yet, either! I can barely believe I’m going still!! I am SO looking forward to dinner on Saturday night. See you there!

  9. I hope you have a wonderful time, & I’m sorry not to be going this year. I loved going last year, over all too fast! Take an extra bag or prepare to ship a box back. There is so much extra to get in the exhibit hall. Sometimes it was hard to get into the sessions unless we were early. See if you can identify the popular ones! Have fun!

  10. I’m going too! Like you haven’t been in years. Sad to miss Saturday dinner though- I know it will be so fun to put faces to names and writing.

  11. I think it is really great that you are going, even if you are not in a classroom teaching right now. I wish I could go too. I will be anxious to hear what you learned and who you were able to meet face to face. xo PS Love your kitty!

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