I am posting rather late, at least for me.  There are several reasons for this, but the biggest one is because I really have nothing to write about today.  I know that there are people who can talk for hours and say nothing.  I am not one of those.  I know that there have been successful TV sitcoms about nothing.  I can’t write like that.

If I have nothing to say, I just sit quietly and let others do the talking.  I really am a shy person and writing these weekly blogs is so much out of character for me.

As I said, this post is late for me.  this morning when I usually write I had a car appointment for an oil change,  So instead of writing I sat waiting for my car to be finished.  When I got home I guess I could have written something then.  However, Kathy had a dentist appointment.  Of course I had to go along instead of staying home to write.  After all we had to stop and get some cat food after her appointment.  I couldn’t let her carry a 14 pound bag by herself.

Since we were out I also decided to get my allergy shots.  I didn’t go yesterday because I couldn’t see traveling to Pottsville two days in a row.  It made more sense to me to do it all in one trip.  After I got my shots we could have come straight home and I could have then written a post even though I still had no idea for a topic.  However, since it was four o’clock and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast it just made sense to me that we should go out for dinner.  We did.  After dinner I couldn’t convince Kathy to go anywhere else, I mean there was nowhere else we needed to go.  So we came home.

I still didn’t sit right down and begin to write a post.  I had to check email and respond to a few people first.  All right, I was procrastinating because I still had no idea as to what I wanted to write about.  Finally, I sat down and started writing this.  If you read this, you see that I really had nothing to say and took close to 400 words to say it.  Maybe I’ll have a better idea next week.


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10 responses to “Nothing

  1. Ha, ha! You are too funny! Most of us could enjoy a day like the one you described, taking care of things that need to get done, spending time with a loved one along the way, having dinner out, puttering around on the computer, writing a little something…seems like today’s idea wasn’t
    that bad…

  2. Jaana

    You definitely have talent! Your words are telling a story even if you think there is no story! Enjoy your leisurely life this week!

  3. I didn’t get tricked! Loved reading about your nothing.

  4. You can make nothing entertaining. So glad you were able to get a dinner out on this day where nothing happened. That always makes for a red letter day. 🙂

  5. When lemons come your way…you make lemonade. I love the way you spun something out of “nothing”.

  6. Judy C.

    Making something from “nothing” takes a lot of talent. Enjoyed your nothing day and how you managed to get something accomplished!

  7. There really are stories everywhere, even in ordinary, every day tasks. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’m still reading slices, so lucky I didn’t read yours until this am. Thanks for starting my day with a big laugh. Clever writing, sounds like a day filled with those “nothings” we all have once in a while. Enjoy Wednesday!

  9. You had nothing to write about, and I couldn’t spare any valuable time with friends for a longer slice. Some weeks are just challenging, but the point is we both wrote!

  10. Don’t you just feel like typing the abc’s sometimes? I know I do. Struggling to write can be so frustrating. What you did was smart. Writing about our nothings sometimes unveils a something.

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