Every day we are faced with decisions.  Some are major and life changing; some are not.  The decision to go to college, or the decision to get married, or the decision to take one job over another all have dramatic changes on the life we lead.

Then there are the everyday decisions the affect how the day will go.  The decisions I made today are the reason I am posting late today.

Kathy had an eye appointment today.  DECISION ONE: should I go with her because her eyes will be dilated and she might want someone to drive or should I stay home and mow the grass which is high, but it’s been worse.  CHOICE:  Drive Kathy.

Kathy’s appointment was finished by 10:30.  DECISION TWO: Should we take a trip to Reading (45 minutes) to use a $15 reward certificate at Best Buy that expires on Sunday or should we go home and I could cut the grass?  CHOICE:  Go to Best Buy.  I would hate to lose $15.

On the way down, Kathy asked me if I would mind stopping at the Shady Barn, a cross stitch shop she likes.  She needed one skein of specialized floss for a project she is working on.  DECISION THREE: Should  stop or just head over to Best Buy?  This is a no brainer. CHOICE: If Kathy wants to stop, we stop.  I am happy to do this for her.

After getting her floss, and a few other things it was time for lunch.  I was hungry.  DECISION FOUR:  Should we stop at Red Lobster or go elsewhere?  CHOICE: Red Lobster it was.

Of course the next logical decision was what to eat.  DECISION FIVE: Do I want a create-your-own lunch or a sailor’s platter?  CHOICE: Create-your-own platter consisting of broiled scallops and hand breaded shrimp won.  It was what I was in the mood for and wasn’t too heave a meal.

After lunch we went to Best Buy.  This was not really a decision because it was the reason we drove to Reading.  DECISION SIX: What do I buy with the $15 certificate?  CHOICE: We needed ink for the printer so that’s what we bought.

After we finished Kathy asked me if I would like to stop at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics…read as “I would like to stop at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  DECISION SEVEN:  Should I go to Jo-Ann’s or not?  CHOICE: Go to Jo-Ann’s…same reason as choice three.

It was now time to head home BUT there is a B & N we will pass on the way home.  DECISION EIGHT:   Should I stop or not?  CHOICE:  I never pass up an opportunity to stop at a book store.  We stopped.

DECISION NINE:  Should I buy myself a present or not?  CHOICE:  They had Stephen King’s new book for 40% off.  Enough said.

After a stop at the in-store Starbucks…I hadn’t had a cup of coffee all day… we headed for home.  

After unloading packages and reading the paper, which I hadn’t had a chance to do this morning, there was one more decision to make.  DECISION TEN:  It is still light. Should I o out and cut the grass or should i sit and write a post for Two Writing Teachers?  CHOICE:  If you are reading this, you know my choice.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  I wonder what decisions I’ll face. 



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12 responses to “Decisions

  1. Love your post! This is so real and the small decisions we make could affect the rest of our day. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So glad you made the decision to blog! This is very enjoyable. Love the focus on how many small decisions change the course of our day! You made a lot of great decisions – spending time with loved ones and doing fun things!!

  3. I loved your piece. I look forward to having some decisions to make next week!

  4. Judy C.

    I think you made some very wise choices today and made your wife happy. Plus you had a good meal and found a book to enjoy. So glad you made the decision to write.

  5. You know what? You make great decisions…every time.

  6. Really thinking about the day to day like this is intriguing to me. So broken down and simplistic. A true slice.

  7. Jaana

    I love how you called these decisions when I called my happenings as distractors. I guess it really depends on how to you look at life. Perhaps next time I will look at my distrators as choices. So glad you chose to write tonight!

  8. macrush53

    Such fun to read. I love the decisions you made today. And just sing ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie.

  9. Love reading, so glad you DECIDED to write, & that you had such a lovely day because of those decisions.

  10. I knew there would be a meal out when I began reading, you didn’t disappoint. 🙂 Delightful to read, of course following Kathy’s suggestions is always wise.

  11. Hahaha! I LOVED the way you wrote your post! So enjoyable and I was with you every moment. Thanks for such a creative post!!!

  12. Another fun read! I am just able to catch posts in time gaps because we are in Alaska and only have internet sporadically. I am sure your lawn is happy to have another day of growth….and so glad you last decision was to write your post.

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