10 Things I Miss About Teaching

It is hard to believe that I almost have one full year of retirement under my belt.  Where did the time go?  I knew that when I retired there would be a major adjustment on my part.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with myself, how I would spend my days. Would I miss my job?

I thought that today I would take a look at the things I miss about about teaching.  Here are 10 things I miss (in no particular order) because of retirement.

1.  I miss setting the alarm five out of seven days, getting up at 4:30 A.M. to get a start on my day.  I usually left the house by 6:00.  I liked getting to school early so I could organize myself for the day.

2.  Along the same line I miss nodding off at 8:00 P.M. because I was too tired to keep my eyes open and then going to bed by 10:00 so I would be able to be bright-eyed the next morning.

3.  I miss in-service days where I would sit and listen to one time speakers talk about how I could use their fantastic programs to improve the quality of the work my students did.  They would then be gone and never heard from again while I was left with questions after having tried (been told to use) their program.

4.  I miss anxiously waiting for the phone to ring when it was snowing heavily.  Would we have a delay?  Would we be closed for the day?  More often than not the call would come after I was up, showered, and dressed for the day.  No way I could go back to sleep.

5.  I miss shoveling snow at 5:00 in the morning and wondering if my neighbor would have the road plowed so I could get to the main road because we did not have a delay and I had to get my car out so that I could get to work.

6.  I miss once a month faculty meetings where we were told we had to have hour meetings even though what was covered could be done in much less time.

7.  I miss end of the day bus duty, watching all of the fifth and sixth grade students until their bus came. Of course the students were all subdued because the day was over and they really didn’t want to leave school.

8.  I miss chasing after students trying to get the work they owed me while listening to their unending list of creative excuses as to why their work was not complete.

9.  I miss trying to explain to parents that their “A” student is only doing “B” work.

10.  I miss wearing a jacket and tie (yes, this is how I dressed for 40 years) every day.


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8 responses to “10 Things I Miss About Teaching

  1. I’m with you on #1 – love starting the day early.
    And #8 – just when I’ve thought I’d heard it all…out comes another creative excuse!

  2. Ha, ha! Now you need a list of 10 reasons you love retirement. There might be some similarities.

  3. An unexpected list. A different perspective.

  4. I love number four. Although we had a long winter of ‘little’ snows, we didn’t have one snow day! That anticipation is at least half the fun! No one understands unless you are a teacher… Like Elsie, time to list the ten things you love about retirement! My brother (music teacher) does love “not” wearing a tie every day. I imagine you miss it, but like dressing more casually too. We don’t dress up at my school at all, so it’s hard for me to dress up occasionally.

  5. Judy C.

    It sounds like you have adjusted to retirement and even tho you miss so much, you have managed to move on!

  6. I agree with missing getting up (I was a bit later than you…5:00) and getting to school early to prepare for the day. to top it off….I got to see some spectacular sunrises. Snow days, in services, and creative excuses are all missed. I am still glad that I have retired…but I will never regret my choice of career.

  7. Four hour faculty meetings? What could an administrator have to say for four hours! Oh, my! I agree that you need to write a retirement list!

  8. I hope I “miss” some of these things after I’m retired! You sound like a Pennsylvania person. Do I know you already? Well, if you are a PA person, thanks for teaching with us! 🙂
    – Allison, PCTELA Executive Director

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