Quilt Show

Friday and Saturday the quilt guild Kathy belongs to held their annual quilt show.  I look forward to this each year because unlike the national quilt shows where big names in quilting display their work, this show showcases the talents of local ladies.  Their work is just as amazing as what you can see in a national show.  These are the kinds of quilts I like because they are quilts to be used, not just displayed.  The ladies put just as much time and effort into them as the experts do.Here are some examples.

Part of the show was dedicated to a book challenge Katy proposed to the group.  They had to make a quilt that was inspired by a book, preferably one in their guild library, 

ImageHere are some examples of the quilts entered in this category.

ImageHere is Kathy by her entry,”Almost Amish Wall Hanging”

ImageOf course, every group has to have a “diva”.

ImageMost people wouldn’t think of using just black and white fabrics to make a quilt.  This was something to see.

ImageThe ladies participated in a “Mystery Quilt” challenge.  Each month they were given part of the directions for a quilt.  After several months, this is what the quilt turned out to be.  This was done by the woman who designed the challenge.

ImageSame pattern, different fabrics, different look.

ImageEach year the guild chances off a quilt.  The winner for this quilt will be picked next month.

There were many other displays to see at the show.  There was a section of all Christmas items.  There was a section devoted to Fall displays.  There was a “Jar Quilt” challenge as well.  Here the ladies make quilts with things that can be put in a jar.  There was also a Silent Auction.  It is truly amazing to see what these talented women come up with each year.



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9 responses to “Quilt Show

  1. Quilters are artists! Hard to believe these were not a national show. I love the design and color choice of Kathy’s quilt. That black and white one must have made the quilter’s eyes go crazy. It sure is pretty.

  2. So amazing – and I had to laugh at the diva!

  3. These quilts are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. What talent! I love the colors in Kathy’s quilt. How did she keep the lines so straight? What a fun idea to have a mystery quilt…and see all the differences.

  5. Judy C.

    I can tell how proud you are of Kathy (and all the ladies who quilt). You know the time and effort and love that goes into each piece that is sewn together. Thanks for sharing the beauty and love of these quilts.

  6. So beautiful, and all so creative and different. My aunt and mother were quilters and I value their quilts so much. Thank you for sharing. You’re right, the black & white one is amazing.

  7. Jaana

    I love looking at the photos of the quilts. So beautiful! Your wife is so talented!

  8. Such beautiful quilts!

  9. Terje

    Wow. These quilts are amazing. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

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