What’s Next?

I rarely watch or listen to commercials when I am watching TV…let’s hear it for the “mute” button.  Yesterday, however, I was doing something and the TV was on in the background.  I was only half listening to it and didn’t mute the commercials.  Suddenly one spot got my attention.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I had to look up from what I was doing to see if the commercial had changed from the previous one.  It hadn’t.

The ad was for a dog medication that would treat three different problems…don’t remember which three.  What caught my attention, however, was at the end of the commercial they started listing all of the side effects the medication could have on the dog one being depression.   What!  Is this something new?

I understand all of the disclaimers on human meds…CYA.  I sometimes think the side effects are worse than the problem they are meant to cure, but dog medicine?  I guess it has come down to the point that with a sue happy society all bases must be covered.

This got me to thinking what’s next?  Can you see appliances listing side effects?  Buying this new stove could lead to more cooking at home which could lead to having more food in your house at any one time than you should which could lead to overeating and obesity. Consult your doctor before making this purchase.

Or how about…your new recliner may lead to extended time sitting and lounging and possibly falling asleep which may lead to you not being able to get a good night’s sleep.  The comfort of your new chair may lead to you not wanting to get off it which may lead to things like not getting your household chores done.  Talk to your spouse before making this purchase.

Here’s another.  That new outfit you bought cold cause you to want to go out and show it off which may lead to you getting into your car, paying a high price for gas so you can go somewhere which might include dinner out at a fancy restaurant you can’t afford.  Talk to your financial planner before making this purchase.

There are many others, but I will stop here.  Are these ads far fetched or are they something in our near future/  Time will tell



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9 responses to “What’s Next?

  1. My question is, how do they know that the dog is depressed? I think I heard that same ad and wondered the same thing. You make me laugh with the disclaimers that need to be added to the items listed. I love the way your mind works. 🙂

  2. How would they know if a dog was depressed?

    This is hysterical. You’re so right – pretty soon there will be warning labels on everything!

  3. Too funny!! I once wrote about a billboard I thought was outrageous… I still see it every day on the way to work. It proclaims “no more muddy paws” in a seriously misguided effort to advertise artificial turf for yards.

  4. I had to chuckle at your slice today. I was reminded of a comedy skit/commercial that lists as many crazy side effects possible. What would be the side effects of slicing/writing everyday? To many fantastic ones to list.

  5. Your examples are so funny…and I hope things don’t get to that…but who know! As for commercials…my mother was in advertising…so we dare not turn off commercials. I thought is was normal to critique all of the ads. I got out of the practice when I moved from home…but then when Mother moved in with me….she was still at it. I don’t think I have seen that commercial about the dog medication…hmmmm….must have had it on mute or fast forward.

  6. Great post, funny and unfortunately true. We have just been debating California’s proposed labeling of soda. I read your post to one of my students and she thought it was great. Even though she believed we should label soda.

  7. Yes…we have taken ridiculousness to a new level!

  8. Judy C.

    I try to tune out the commercials, but they seem to come on louder and stronger than ever. I did catch this one and thought it strange too. How do they know if a dog is depressed? I’ll have to ask Max when he’s moping around if he is depressed! I too wonder where we are heading. Thanks for the laugh this afternoon.

  9. Well, you know, I did have a seriously depressed cat, that was prescribed steroids. After giving him steroids for a week, he got out of his funk…got a good paying job and laughed at my jokes again. Oh, no seriously, he stopped cleaning all his hair off his body. He was upset about some new cat we’d brought in, I guess. Those steroids gave him confidence in his self worth from what I could gather. I can’t do this. I keep cracking up. But he really did stop over-cleaning to the point of losing a lot of his hair. The psychiatrist only had him for 8 sessions. Ok. I’m stopping.
    Donna Smith
    Mainely Write

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