The Week Ahead

I was going to wait until later to post.  I got a call at 8:30 this morning that our new dryer would be delivered today before 10:30.  It is now 10:20.  I am someone who needs to know what is happening during the week so that I can plan.  We have an erasable calendar on our refrigerator whit the month filled in.  At a glance I can see what is coming up.

I find that this is more important now that I am retired since one day just seems to flow into the next.  I didn’t think much was happening this week until I took a look.

Today, as I said, our new dryer is being delivered.  This is none too soon since both Kathy and I have full hampers.  We will give that sucker a workout to make sure it is in good working order.

Tomorrow there are two things on the calendar.  The first is a 9:00 appointment at the vets.  It is time for Archie’s shot and laser treatment.  The last two months he was really good, not getting sick during the traveling.  Let’s hope tomorrow keeps the streak goinh.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow evening.  The Hershey Theatre is announcing the 2014-2015 Broadway Series.  They have an hour long program where local students sing a song from each show.  Throughout the activities there are giveaways as well.  The event is free.

Of course, if you know anything about me from reading my posts you know that I can’t go to an event such as this without eating out first…Hershey Pantry her we come.  There food is delicious and the desserts are out of this world.  The nice thing is, the meal will be free.  When I retired last June the Language Arts Department gave me  $60.00 gift card for the Pantry.  I know we won’d eat that much food at one sitting.  I guess we’ll just have to go back some other day.

Looking ahead to Friday I see that I am traveling to Bedford Springs for a PCTELA (Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts) Board meeting.  Since I am co-chairing the 2016 conference, I am part of the board.  This is our Spring meeting.  To get ready I need to print of copies of our vision and mission statements.  I think Tony…my co-chair…and I have come up wi an interesting topic and vision.  We will see what the other Board members think.

Well, here it is 10:40.  No dryer yet.  I wonder how soon soon really is?  Maybe a topic for a future post.


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5 responses to “The Week Ahead

  1. Well, it is 2:25 and I hope that your dryer has arrived. It is annoying to have to wait for a delivery…unless there are no other plans…but still a bit annoying. We might have to use the white board calendar idea for the same reason. With both of us being retired…the days just flow. (No complaint from me though) Of course, Ray is a techie…computer programmer…and he uses the iPhone calendar. I like to see it plotted out on a calendar to give me a feel of what the next week is about. So glad you decided to do the Tuesday posts. I tried last year and would find that (hmmmm this is why a calendar would be helpful) I would miss Tuesdays. Hope this will not happen this year. J

  2. You are right, the days do flow into each other unless there is something scheduled. I hope the dryer is humming away and you have piles of dry clothes. I guess I have to wait until next week to find out. Enjoy that dinner and show. I knew you’d have some place to eat if you went out. How great that you have a gift card!

  3. So inspiring how you have kept with the teaching part of you – and that you are sharing your expertise with the teaching community even now. I am looking forward to hearing about your committee work. (Sorry – I am such a teacher nerd!)

  4. Me too… Dryer arrive so you could move on with your day?

  5. Judy C.

    Such a busy week. Isn’t it amazing when you are retired you have more things to do. Hope your meal is delicious and the entertainment entertaining. Hope the dryer is doing it job.

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