I’ve Been Robbed!

I was robbed the other day.  The problem is that I didn’t realize it until this morning.  Have you ever put something somewhere, went to get it the next day, and couldn’t remember where you put it?  That was me yesterday.  I am great at misplacing things.  I often ask Kathy, “Have you seen?”  

Well, yesterday I went looking for something but couldn’t find it.  Not to worry. I’m sure it will turn up.  This morning I felt the impact of what was taken from me.  Early Sunday morning someone came into my house and robbed me of an hour’s sleep.  It didn’t affect me yesterday, but boy am I feeling it today.  I slept until 9:00 which is unusual for me because I am usually awake by 8:00.  I feel a bit sluggish today so I promise not to operate any heavy equipment.  I might just have to spend the day reading Slices of Life and commenting on them.

I am glad that I am no longer working because I feel that I would be like a zombie today.  I don’t know why this hits the day after the time change and not the day of.  One good thing thing I will say about this robbery is that it will no longer be dark at dinner time.  The lighter evenings make me feel like I want to do more and get more accomplished.  Notice I say “feel like” not necessarily do.

Oh, well, I know that come November that same thief will sneak back into my house in the middle of the night and return the hour that was taken from me over the weekend.


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10 responses to “I’ve Been Robbed!

  1. I changed my clock on Saturday afternoon, then went for a walk. When I came back, I acted as though nothing had happened and the time was the time. I went to bed and don’t lose an hour. I certainly lost one earlier in the day, but this was far less painless. I think I’ll do it next year, too.

  2. Nf

    What a great way to create a metaphor that really grabbed us right from the beginning! Here’s hoping you’ll be able to “catch” the stolen hours in the upcoming week!

  3. So clever! I was waiting to hear about the crime and loved the surprise! Great post. Hope you get to steal a nap today!

  4. Ooh, I hear you! I did everything as if it was “really” that time yesterday, but this morning hit me like a ton of bricks! My only hope for the day is that all the teachers I work with are equally stunned…

  5. You caught me…for a bit….at first I thought it was something that you misplaced…but then you cleverly described what I think we are all feeling…about losing an hour. (Of course, being retired makes it much easier…as you mentioned to me about you and your wife just picking up and taking a few days to visit a new…or old place.) Your writing always makes me smile.

  6. I too was caught – felt awfulyou’d been robbed. Great post! This is the first time tho I have been able to adjust – I slept in today! lol

  7. My least favorite Monday of the year…I feel robbed, too!

  8. I chuckled when you revealed what you were robbed of. I didn’t feel it until today also. I have yawned all day and I usually don’t do that. Let’s hope tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off, I will just hop out of bed ready to go!!

  9. Robbed indeed. I have been sluggish today, too. But it was worth it in the afternoon when the light lingered and made the day longer. Lovely!

  10. That was so funny when I figured out what you were talking about. You have such a great sense of timing with your writing. You got me concerned for you until I started laughing. Hook, line, sinker!

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