The other day I went out to get the mail. As I walked down our yard toward the mailbox something caught my eye and I just had to get a picture. The picture just screamed sijo so here it is.

Delicate purple flowers contrasted against a clear blue sky.
Their sweet fragrance carried by a gentle breeze fills surrounding air.
A true harbinger of spring; but wait, it is mid October.



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21 responses to “Sijo

  1. Trish

    Based on the refresher I just took on “sijo” (thanks, Wikipedia), you nailed it. “…introduces a situation in line 1, development in line 2, and twist and conclusion in line 3. What a perfect image to inspire this poetic response. Thanks for BOTH the pictures you present here.

  2. Beautiful
    Both the visual image
    And the sijo.
    Such interesting weather.

  3. Terje

    Spring signs in October are puzzling. Signs like this sure need a poem. Thank you for the photo and poem. (I had to look up sijo)

  4. Nice twist. We were having that kind of October, too, but now a cold front has come in and there were even some early morning snow flurries. The weather man says we will have 70’s again this weekend!

  5. We are in a cold spell right now as well with temps moderating for the weekend. Since I will be in Pittsburg for the weekend I am hoping for nice weather.

  6. I, too, learned from your beautiful post, that sijo is a style of poetry. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful photo and I liked the Sijo😊 And I like matching my words, feelings and the number of syllables. Regards, Lakshmi

  8. Lovely image and poem. Sometimes short is best! That blue sky is so brilliant!

  9. Love the blue sky, how you set us up, and then the twist! We’ve had very little rain this fall (so unusual for the NW)! I am looking forward to temps in the 50s and a rainy weekend, perfect weather for reading.

  10. Lainie Levin

    What a beautiful poem – and yes, what a perfect subject for a Sijo! I keep telling myself to give the form a try, to have my students explore with the form as well. May I use your post as mentor text?

    • Sijos are fun to write. With the larger number of syllables they can be a bit easier. The tricky part is coming up with the twist at the end. Please feel free to use this with your students any way you see fit.

      • Lainie Levin

        Yeah….I feel like I should experiment around with the form as well, either first, OR (if I’m feeling daring) along with the kids.

  11. Bob, you were the one who introduced me to sijo. Your photo and poem provide a surprise. I am adding your photo+poem=#imagepoem to my Finding Fall 2020 Padlet ( because I have a similar phenomenon here-my lilies bloom and repeatedly I get new ones sprouting. Is Autumn playing tricks on us?

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