Paducah, Day 3, Part 2

As I promised last week, this will be the final post about Kathy’s trip to Paducah. I know, it’s about time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these last few pictures Kathy took of the show.

Let’s start off with some flowers. They always are so bright and cheerful.

I think Kathy took this picture to highlight the quilting.

Hey, it’s a cat. Why wouldn’t she take a picture?

Now, if you can imagine the previous two pictures as part of the same quilt this is what you would come up with.

Animals have their protectors, too.

I didn’t check with Kathy, but to me it looks like the flowers, leaves, and rabbits are padded since they seem to stand out.

They just look so cute.

It took a bit of planning to make sure these different sized blocks all fit together.

I just think that this one is striking, and it is only a third place winner.

This looks like the linoleum in our bathroom when we bought our house 30+ years ago.

This is bright and cheerful.

It isn’t often that you see a whole cloth quilt in a show, but looking at the quilting on this I can see why it is on display.

Looks more like a painting than a quilt.

All those tiny squares and triangles!

So, which pattern did you first see on this quilt?

To end the show we have a different kind of Baltimore album with a black background.

That will do it for quilt posts for a while. I think the next big show is in September at Oaks. That one I get to go to as well.


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23 responses to “Paducah, Day 3, Part 2

  1. Wow!
    I would not have guessed the flowers and the cat together. Great reveal.
    Love the 3rd place winner.
    Hate the lineoleum quilt!
    The variation – the whimsy ducks and horses to the precision in the white . . . so many ways to piece and quilt that enhance the designer’s thinking!

    I “see” these so differently now . . . thanks for sharing!

  2. NYOCW

    Thank you so much for sharing these images from the Paducah Quilt Show. I hope I get to go one of the years. “Vincent Van Gato!” Hahaha! And St. Francis! Just extraordinary. I can’t believe how some can paint with fabric!

    • Hope you do get a chance to go. This was Kathy’s second time. She said there is really so much to see. Yes, what some people can do with fabric is amazing.

  3. You saved the best quilt for last. It and the others are gorgeous. I’d love to know the inspiration for each.

  4. Trish

    I had to laugh at the observation about the quilt-as-linoleum comment. My son and his wife just bought a house built in the 70s and maybe updated in the 90s?? and I swear, they have that pattern in their kitchen and entryway—with red/rust instead of blue. (I also love the quilt in solid white—stunning.) Now I can’t wait until September!

    • I think that was a popular floor pattern in the 70s. We were so glad to get rid of it when we redid our bathroom. Just heard from Kathy that there is a quilt show coming up in Bloomsburg In June so there will be another quilt post before September.

  5. Sara

    All lovely….I am biased toward the cat, of course.

  6. Wow! These are gorgeous!

  7. Book Dragon

    I love how you have written a series of Slices about quilting. Your writing is like the facets of a jewel – you rotate it and there is another perspective or view.
    The photos! They are lush. Thanks for sharing the beauty of these quilts.

  8. Thanks for sharing the show quilts, Bob. We had an Artisan Tour in our community. The two ladies that are quilters had such beautiful quilts – some of which are intricate. One of the ladies has a long arm quilting machine that was very impressive. Both explained their process. I enjoyed your visual exhibit.

    • Carol, glad you enjoyed the pictures. Some of the ladies in Kathy’s quilt guild have long arms and it is amazing what they can do with them.

  9. Carol, glad you enjoyed the pictures. Some of the ladies in Kathy’s quilt guild have long arms and it is amazing what they can do with them.

  10. Each one is so beautiful and different. I was imagining their makers sitting and stitching and looking as the final creation unfolded. Thank you.

  11. Again, the craftmanship and patience involved for these is stunning. I loved the whole cloth one solely to enjoy the exquisite stitching. The work so often gets lost in the cloth patterns of the quilt itself, I think many people do not get the fine art of actual ‘quilting’ itself.

    • Yes, sometimes the quilting gets lost in the design of the quilt. I think that is why I tend to like those quilts that are not too busy and let the quilting itself stand out as much as the design.

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