Quits of Valor

Day 26

One of the Lancaster shows we went to had a display of Quilts of Valor. You may be familiar with them or maybe you’re not. Just in case, here is what a quilt of valor is taken from the Quilt of Valor website https://www.qovf.org/:

What is a Quilt of Valor?

A Quilt of Valor® (QOV) is a quality, handmade quilt that is machine or hand quilted. It is awarded to a Service Member or Veteran who has been touched by war.  The Quilt says unequivocally, “Thank you for your service and sacrifice in serving our nation.”

To use the term Quilt of Valor, Quilts of Valor or QOV, the quilt must be a specific size, must have a label with required information, it must be awarded (it is not a gift) and it must be recorded. 

As you can see, there are specific guidelines that must be followed. The size is not bed size but more a lap quilt size. Typically the predominant colors in a quilt of valor are red, white, and blue. These colors were requested by veterans. A gold can also be added to the mix.

These quilts are usually made using a traditional pattern, many times with a patriotic theme…Ohio Star…Rail Fence…Churn Dash…Log Cabin.

There are many patterns for quilts of valor out there all you have to do is search the web.

Here are a few we saw in Lancaster.

Instead of giving any kind of commentary I think I will just let these quilts speak for themselves.

If you wanted to, you could also buy a pattern or a kit. Here is a pattern Kathy bought.


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18 responses to “Quits of Valor

  1. I am not a big red, white and blue fan. I have never been a big fan flying person but a few of they are fun. I always admire the amount of work that goes into these patterns. I have a quilt I am still working on that was started some thirty years ago. I guess I am not a true quilter but do hope to finish it in the next year or so. Thanks for sharing these wonderful art work!

  2. I am impressed by the art in this craft and moved by the meaning behind it all. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing. The quilts are beautiful.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Wow! I am thinking about how my students are writing claim paragraphs to defend their choices of the best color. I was using red for a claim paragraph. Now I can add this information as support for its usefulness—and BEAUTY! (One of my students is defending blue, so…) Kathy’s purchase is worth every penny.

  5. Cara Wegrzyn

    You had me with the word Quilt in the title. It must have been incredible to see so many in one display!

    • It is amazing the caliber of quilts you see at a show. If you would like to see some of the other quilts we saw check out my posts from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week.

  6. Beautiful quilts and for such a good cause. I loved the beautiful display of photos. Thank you, Bob. It was very moving.

  7. I love every one of these! They are so beautiful in their intricacy and in their colour combinations.

  8. Love these patriotic pastiches. As always I’m intrigued by the creativity and details.

  9. Leigh Anne Eck

    Oh, these are beautiful, and what a great cause! I think I will be using this post to write a found poem for the month of April.

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