I Am Not a Procrastinator

I am not a procrastinator.  I do not put off doing things. I jump right into any task I am given.  OK, maybe if I say it enough times and loudly enough I’ll start to believe it.  However…..Last week in one of my posts I mentioned that our kitchen light burned out.  I changed the bulbs but it still didn’t work so I figured we needed a whole new light fixture.

Yesterday afternoon Kathy and I took a trip to Home Depot and Lowe’s to see what they had.  It’s only been a week since the light went.  

Some might be thinking, “How can you go a week without light in the kitchen?”  Well, we have the light above the stove, the light above the sink, and the lights under the cabinets so it wasn’t as if we had no light in the kitchen.  With the longer days we didn’t need the kitchen light on so see what we were cooking.

You might think that waiting a week to get a new light is putting things off.  I prefer to think of it as waiting to be in the right frame of mind to pick out a new light.  After all, I wouldn’t want to impulse buy just to have something.  

After checking both the Home Depot and Lowe’s, we decided on a light from Lowe’s.  The fact that I get a discount by using my Lowe’s card did not at all play into the decision we made.  Truth is, we really did like Lowe’s better.  It was a bit bigger and brighter than the one at Home Depot.

Well, we now have a new light.  Today I plan to see if I can install it.  If I don’t post anything tomorrow it is because I lit up “tilt” rewiring the light.  Let’s see, I guess I should turn off the light switch first.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to read the directions.

Of course, this could take a few days until I am thoroughly familiar with the directions.  I wouldn’t want to rush into anything I can’t handle. The sun is out and there are downed limbs to be picked up in the yard.  I really should brush Ned’s fur today.  

I re[eat, I am not a procrastinator!


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6 responses to “I Am Not a Procrastinator

  1. You had me convinced in the beginning! I tell myself that too because I know I am a procrastinator! Good luck with changing that light – hopefully we will read your post tomorrow!

  2. This made me smile. Please, do take time to read the directions…don’t want you to connect the wrong wires! Of course, you could start your business of making yard gnomes from the downed branches in your yard…which reminds me…our yard is full of branches too! Oh, for the love of Spring! Be careful! J

  3. Hmmm… now I will make sure to check in to see if you post tomorrow. Good luck!

  4. We often put off replacing lightbulbs too. Once we were down to just three (of the six) in our daughter’s bathroom before we decided to do something about it. (Besides, she didn’t care!)

  5. Dealing with electricity is too scary for me. Actually anything with any utility I prefer not to mess with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’d hate to be left wondering what happened. Does Kathy know how to post? Better show her just in case. Or wait and read the directions. There’s always tomorrow.

  6. Jaana

    Perhaps I should “read” the directions on using my broom again. My floors would probably thank me, but only if I know how to do it right. I am not a procrastinator either. (Love your sense of humor!)

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