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Birthday Dinner

Last week I wrote about it being Kathy’s birthday and that we had plans to go to the Harvest at the Hotel Hershey for dinner that evening. Well, we went and the meal was all I expected it to be. Here’s a run down of what we had.

We are not big drinkers, but on special occasions a special drink is called for. Kathy decided on a strawberry mule. We figured that since it had strawberries in it it must be healthy.

Me. on the other hand, had to have my chocolate martini. We were in Hershey! How could I not have something chocolaty? Beside, since chocolate is a vegetable, don’t ask, I figured this was also a healthy choice.

As we waited for the drinks to come it was time to look over the menu. What to have. I have had the salmon before and it was delicious. Kathy had their fish and chips and really enjoyed it. The trout sounded interesting. So did everything else. Decisions, decisions.

We decided. To begin we each had a bowl of the she crab soup. A little spicy but oh so good.

We didn’t go for any of the things I mentioned previously. Instead, we decided on the smokehouse for two. That consisted of half a rotisserie chicken, cocoa barbecue ribs, smoked brisket, mac and cheese, roasted brussel sprouts and carrots, coleslaw, harvest pickles, and cornbread. If this sounds like a lot, it was. We brought part two home for a later day.

When we finished what we could it was time for dessert. One of the nice things about being an adult is that you don’t have to clean your plate before you can have dessert. As it typical of the Harvest, they brought out a cupcake for Kathy.

We split the cake and then had dessert and coffee. We each chose the chocolate cream pie.

We were stuffed , but what a meal!


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Celebrations Continue

I have mentioned before that August is birthday month for us. The celebrations continue. My birthday was last Thursday. I started off the day with a doctor’s visit. Hey, doesn’t everyone make a doctor’s appointment on their birthday?

Anyway, because the appointment was for 9:30 in the morning I decided not to have breakfast before going just in case some bloodwork would be required. It wasn’t. Naturally. I was hungry after the appointment so we needed to find a place to eat.

Fortunately, just down the road two minutes away was a Perkins Pancake House. This is one of my favorite places to eat so that is where we went. My birthday breakfast consisted of French toast and bacon.

French toast is not something we typically make at home so ordering it out is always a treat.

To continue celebrating, I register at different places that offer free food on your birthday. One such place is Ruby Tuesday. They give you a free burger or salad bar for your birthday. I know I should have gone with the healthier salad bar, but I do like their smokehouse burgers. That is what I went with. No picture.

I also have a coupon for a free meal at Houlihan’s at Hershey. That expires on Thursday so we will be going down on that day. Can’t let a free meal deal expire.

To continue celebrating, today is Kathy’s birthday. I have made reservations for us at the Harvest which is part of Hotel Hershey. I will probably post next week about our meal.

This picture of Kathy was taken at the Harvest last year on Kathy’s birthday. We do like going there on special occasions.

Don’t know what we will have. It depends on their menu. I can tell you, however, that I know a chocolate martini is waiting for me.


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Spiritual Journey Thursday

I have never participated in one of these but at the invitation of Carol Varsalona, who is hosting today, I am trying my hand at it. Since today happens to be my birthday as well it is the perfect day for me to reflect on what brings me peace and feeds my soul.

The days, even those where nothing special is planned can get hectic and slip right on by. It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of what is happening around us that we don’t take the time to stop and reflect on what is important to us and brings us a sense of calmness.

For me, what feeds my soul is the morning. I am an early riser, usually around 6:00. However, I don’t jump right out of bed the moment I open my eyes. I take some time.

First of all I thank God for giving me another day and ask for help in living it just a little better than the day before.

I listen to the birds chirping excitedly outside my window. Are they planning their day? Making a list of things they need to do and places they need to visit?

I listen to the occasional car passing by in front of the house. Someone off to work? I hope they have a safe trip and a good day.

I watch the cat sleeping peacefully at the foot of the bed. No apparent worries.

At the moment, all is well with the world. My mind is reset and I am ready to face whatever challenges may come along.

Bring On The Day!

Greeting The Day

Sun peeks over the horizon
Promising new and exciting adventures
I open my eyes and greet the day
Right now I could get up, but
I need some quiet time for me
The birds outside chirp 
Until their plans for the day have been made
At the foot of the bed a cat sleeps
Lost in sweet dreams.

Just a quick prayer
One of thanks to God
Understanding this day is a gift
Realizing I have the choice to shape my day
Now some time has passed
Energy has been restored
Yet, I linger one minute more.


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Picky Eaters

You wouldn’t think one so small would be such a picky eater or know the difference in brands. After all, food is food. (Don’t get riled. I do know that food is not food and sometimes brand names matter.)

Anyway, there is one particular brand of food I buy at Wal Mart. However, due to having COVID and isolating, I didn’t leave the house for a month. Of course, in that time I ran out of the one particular brand of food I buy.

When I was over COVID and able to go out I didn’t feel like making the 30 minute trip to Wal Mart so I went to our local Redners which is a three minute drive from our houise.

The had the food I wanted, but not the brand. Well, this will have to do until I get out. I bought a bag, opened it, and dished some out.

Let’s just say I didn’t make any friends by doing that. Where I had many diners and many varieties I now had few and the same ones over and over. Even they were not happy as I was able to tell by the food that was being thrown about.

Every now and then I would even get a reproachful look telling me that this food is not up to standard and I needed to get the good stuff back.

Well. last week Kathy and went to Wal Mart and bought three bags of the desired food.

The feeder is now filled with the good stuff.

We now have happy birds. (wasn’t fast enough to get a group shot.)


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Something to Look Forward To

After isolating for a month, Kathy and I are going to step out on Saturday. We are both over COVID and are no longer testing positive. We are well beyond 10 days of quarantining. I am ready for a change of scenery.

So, where are we going? We have tickets to see Anastasia at the Hershey Theatre. That means we will get to have lunch with our theatre friends, see and enjoy a show, and go for dinner afterwards.

That doesn’t mean that we still won’t take precautions. Masks are optional at the theatre, but we will be wearing ours. The same goes for the restaurant. Masks will be worn until we are seated.

I am glad our tickets are for this coming week and they weren’t for an earlier time this month when I know we would not have gone. Also, Monday starts the beginning of our birthday month celebration. Mine is next Thursday and Kathy’s is the following week. This will be a good way to start the celebrations.


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When Sickness Hits

How inconsiderate!
COVID hits 
but I feel fine.
So why am I made to suffer?

How inconsiderate!
He crawls into bed
but it's the middle of the afternoon.
I don't want to sleep, but a catnap might help.
How inconsiderate!
He has no appetite
and doesn't want much
but I sit waiting for food.
How inconsiderate!
He finally sits down to eat
and after waiting an eternity
I get something as well.
How inconsiderate!
I deserve my head rub
and I deserve my chin scratched
yet I am forced to isolate.
How inconsiderate!
Poor me.


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Wasn’t Expecting This

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to happen, but it did. After all, why should I be immune. Yes, I am double vaxxed. Yes, I am double boosted. Yes I mostly mask in public. I guess the key word is “mostly”.

It started on Thursday. I woke up with a headache. Didn’t think much about it because sometimes when I sleep hard I wake up this way. Usually after moving around a bit it disappears. It didn’t. Took a Tylenol and it helped.

Friday came and I added body ache to the mix. At first I just chalked it to go the weed pulling I did the day before. Still didn’t give much thought to what was happening.

To sweeten the pot, let’s add a sore throat to the mix. Some Halls helped with that and it was gone by Saturday. One final thing I need to add to this is a dry hacking cough. This I found most irritating because it seemingly would just start. Now. mix all of these together and what do you get?

Could it be? Do I have it? I decided to sleep on it and see how I felt on Saturday.

Woke up Saturday not feeling much better. It was time to test. I didn’t want to go to church that afternoon if I were infected. Got out my home test kit. Did the swabbing. Waited the 15 minutes and sure enough there were the two lines. I have COVID!. Great. Just what needed. Well, church was out for that afternoon.

I have an appointment with my ENT on Monday. I will call and cancel that. Kathy and I had plan to attend a lunch honoring new retirees on Tuesday. Won’t be going. Ned has an appointment with the vet on Thursday. Need to reschedule.

Nothing I could do now except to ride this out. Felt a bit better when I woke up On Sunday. It didn’t last. As I got up to get some breakfast for Kathy and me it hit. I don’t know where it came from, but I wasn’t sure if I could make it from the kitchen to the bathroom in time. I did. Don’t remember the last time I felt so lousy. Sunday morning was really bad.

I left the bathroom feeling weak and a bit wobbly. I told Kathy I was skipping breakfast and going back to bed. My clothes were soaked, but I didn’t care. I crawled under the covers and slept for four hours. When I got up it was like I was a completely different person. Was that a turning point?

Each day now I am feeling a bit better. I can only imagine how I would have felt had I not been vaccinated and boosted.

It creeps in takes hold
Aches, lethargy, nagging cough
Test confirms - COVID


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In a Somber Mood

I wasn’t sure I was going to write anything today. I guess I am in a reflective mood and not up to the typical light-hearted post I usually write.

We started the day by going to a funeral service. This is not the first funeral service I have attended and I am sure it won’t be the last.

What made this one different is that it was not the parent of a friend who died. It was the husband of a friend, someone who is only one year older than me.

This made me think about my life. Whether I like to admit it or not I know I am closer to the end than I am to the beginning. It is true that none of us knows how much time we have on tis earth. We need to appreciate each day we are given and make the best of it.

Yes, there are good days as well as bad. They make up this thing we call life. There are things we have done or experiences we have had that we wish we could forget. Somehow these things seem to come to the forefront when we least expect or want them. However, we continue on.

So, with another fast approaching birthday, next month, I resolve to continue to appreciate each day I am given, to enjoy it, and to make each day count for myself and those around me.


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An Anniversary

Some anniversaries are milestones while others are not. Some are known and anticipated while others just creep up on you without your being aware they are coming. Such a one hit me today.

When I logged on this morning and clicked on TWT to read some posts I noticed that I had a notification waiting for me. Since I hadn’t posted yet I was curious to see what It was. This is what I saw:

  • 9 Year Anniversary Achievement
  • Happy Anniversary with!
  • You registered on 9 years ago.
  • Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

I didn’t realize that I started this blog 9 years ago. Compared to other bloggers I know this is not a long time, but for me, who never considered himself a writer, it is an accomplishment.

Although I didn’t remember the anniversary, I do clearly remember how this blogging got started. I was running a Young Writers Academy at Penn State Harrisburg. One of my friends and a fellow teacher at Upper Dauphin was teaching a session.

We were talking during some down time and she told me about blogging and TWT. She suggested I might enjoy reading the posts, just kind of lurking in the background. She also told me about WordPress and helped me set up an account.

I admit that at first I was a bit skeptical about writing anything. After all, who would e interested in what I would write? So, For about a month I stayed in the shadows reading post that sounded interesting to me.

It didn’t take long for me to become addicted to Slice of Life Tuesdays. I still wasn’t brave enough to join in and put something out there.

When I finally did, I admit I screwed up the link for my first post. Thankfully, Stacey caught it and explained to me how I should have gone about posting the link.

I was amazed at the welcoming responses I received from that first post and the blogger friends I have made who come back week after week to read the things I post, even the nonsensical ones.

So, I guess on this anniversary I just want to send a “Thank You” out to those of you who read my posts. I appreciate your comments. Thanks to Stacey for fixing the link in that first post and setting me straight on how to add the link. And a special thanks to Cindy Minnich, who got me started on all of this 9 years ago.

Happy continued blogging to us all!


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More Quilts

Well, here are the final pictures from the York Quilt Show. Again, I am amazed at the artistry of these beauties. For what it is worth, I will add my comments about each quilt as well. Please keep in mind that the comments reflect only the thoughts of the writer and no one else. I am no expert, but somethings I like while others I don’t

So. let’s start with this one. Although I can tell that lots of work has gone into this, I am not a big fan of the yellow background fort the flowers.

Although I do like this one, I think it could use some pops of color.

For all you bird watchers out there, this one is for you. Notice who is doing the watching in the center block.

Any of these vases of flowers would look good in our house.

Hope your are not “blue” after seeing this one.

A bit busy for my taste. No place to rest the eyes.

I like scrap quilts, but this is a bit much for me.

I like the illusion of this one. I feel like I am being sucked into it.

I like how the border detail gives this an octagonal look.

I have mentioned in other quilt posts that I am a fan of Baltimore Album quilts.

This I just fine pleasing to look at.

A simple flower pattern, makes a beautiful quilt.

Appliqued flowers and quilted flowers come together in this quilt.

Stained glass quilts are always so striking.

Looks like someone just threw a bunch of flowers in the air and let them fall wherever. I like this one.

To finish, a walk through Grandmother’s Flower Garden is always a treat.

Thanks for joining me at the York Quilt Show.


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