Busy is Good but Tiring

January started off nice and quietly. Nothing much happening the first two weeks. I could do what I wanted at a nice leisurely pace. No appointments. No place I had to be. Then came last week.

Tuesday I needed to go to Harrisburg. Granted, this trip was due to my poor planning. I am chair for our retired school employees education grant committee. I needed to present this year’s winner at our January Board meeting. I set the deadline for applications as last Friday. That meant that I had to meet with my committee to go over the 9 applications I received and pick out the winner, That meeting was set for Tuesday.

We met at Joe Muggs café in Books-A-Million. Over hot drinks we read and evaluated the applications. After some discussion we agreed on who the recipient of the grant should be.

After our meeting, and because we were so close, Kathy and I decided to take a ride to Carlisle to the Lindt chocolate outlet. We were running low on truffles. They had a deal. 75 candies for a good price. Since you can pick your own flavors, Kathy and I each got a bag and filled it. Talk about kids in a candy shop.

Since we were out we had to stop for food. Chinese buffet hit the spot.

Wednesday we had our monthly DCPASR Boar meeting. Back to Harrisburg. This is why I needed to meet with my committee yesterday. I presented our choice for the grand and the Board voted to award her the money. She will use the grant to purchase Re-Write Boards for her first grade classroom. I look forward to presenting her with the check at the February School Board meeting.

Thursday rolled around and it was time for our monthly lunch with our retired teacher friends. This month we picked Fire and Ice as our lunch spot. Fire and Ice is a smokehouse and creamery. After a pulled pork sandwich and mac ‘n cheese I just had to have some homemade ice cream for dessert. I chose the strawberry. Fruit is healthy

Friday was a day of rest. Believe me, we rested.

To end the week we had tickets for the Hershey Theatre. We saw My Fair Lady. I know I am showing my age, but they just don’t make them like this anymore. Thoroughly enjoyable. Of course, dinner at Applebee’s after the show wasn’t bad either.

There are a few things happening this week as well, but nothing as hectic as last week. I need a rest.



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12 responses to “Busy is Good but Tiring

  1. Trish

    You look like a happy bunch, even if the responsibilities may take time and effort. (There is nothing like giving money away to those who deserve it—scholarships and grants!) I love the play in this, “fruit is healthy,”and “Talk about kids in a candy shop.” It’s funny how any demands on time once retirement becomes our focus feels like a lot. Enjoy a more restful week. Maybe some bird watching and cat-napping?

    • We do enjoy each other’s company. It is nice to stay in touch once we leave the profession. It is nice to give money to deserving people. That is why I volunteered to head the Ed grant committee. Cat naps sure sound good for this week.

  2. Anita Ferreri

    It does sound like your schedule was intense last week. Yet, it is impressive that you are doing so much to support your fellow teachers and others. You are an inspiration.

  3. Terje

    Even though our agendas may be different I can relate to the feeling of switching from mellow and slow to super busy. The candy though. I have never seen anything like that.

  4. I enjoyed reading about your busy week and am hopeful this one IS better. And wow, there is a new place I want to go. The candies!! Yum!

  5. What kind of place is Books-a-Million? The name sounds wonderful 😊 I too would love being in that chocolate shop😊. I saw My Fair Lady, the movie, long back and loved it. I can imagine you both loving the show.

    • Books-A-Million is a book store. Every time we are in Harrisburg we go there and usually don’t leave empty handed. I have Aldo seen the movie many times, but this was the first I had seen it performed live.

  6. I am thinking your post is tongue-in-cheek. If not, I am not sympathetic to your suffering! Truffles in bags, Chinese food, shows, good friends and good deeds!! Though I can understand it might have been better if all that goodness had been spread over a longer time period…

  7. I was a fun week. I would rather be busy than not. Food and friends…a great combination.

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