Writing Can Be Difficult

Writing can be difficult at times.  
Too many ideas race through our minds.
Or else too few for us to choose from
The perfect topic just will not come.

At times scarce is the time to write
With a list of "to dos" it has to fight.
Or finding a space that's cozy and quiet
A chair that just happens to be the right fit.

These things today do not plague me
As I type this blog for others to see.
Instead, circumstances beyond my control
Take over my life and put writing on hold.

A cat licks my hand as I try to write
Luckily, she doesn't bite.
While another head butts the computer screen
Not in anger , not to be mean.

I look at the the clock and to my surprise
I now know what they want so from the chair I rise.
Out to the kitchen they follow in a bunch
How could I forget it's now time for lunch.

The cats are happy, content and fed
They go their own ways; it's off to bed.
So back to my writing, but what should it be?
For now a good topic seems to elude me.



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18 responses to “Writing Can Be Difficult

  1. I smiled as I read your post – we no longer have cats, but I know exactly what you mean! Also about finding a topic to write about. I haven’t been active here, but I’ve made a plan to write a SOL post each week.

  2. Trish

    What a supremely clever way to explain a dilemma I face most Tuesday mornings. (For some reason March is easier—I’m not sure why, but I think it’s the daily expectation. I love the pivot in the middle to answering the feline food crisis. “Not in anger, not to be mean,” those hungry cats just want to be seen!

  3. Clever post.
    And so helpful of your cats to pop into the process!

  4. Terje

    I saw your teaser on TWT and instantly thought that it can’t be about you having struggles with writing, surely it must involve cats. I am happy to be proven right. You can never run out of topics with the cats around. I like that you refer to cats as “circumstances beyond my control.”

  5. I agree, it is a struggle! I like how you had your cats come in to distract me as I read. I went on a walk this afternoon, the words were flowing and by the time I got home, poof, they disappeared. I knew I should’ve stopped to take notes on my phone. Sigh…

  6. I struggled this week. Too much to do to sit down and write a post. I had ideas, i just didn’t make the effort to find the time.

  7. When the “I have no idea what to write” becomes the write. Levae it to the kitties to remind you what’s important. ❤️ this little prose slice of your day.

  8. Bob, your slice is full of humor, wisdom, and inspiration for other writers. It’s a new year and you are on a roll. This with your one word starts the new year off with a pen in hand.

    • Carol, often when I can’t think of what to write or if I throw all ideas out, the cats somehow always seem to be an inspiration. Now, I need to work on today’s post.

  9. Nice 😊 . I don’t like to sit and think and think about what I should write. The words should flow out and I feel happy when they do. 😊

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