Change of Plans

Well, Christmas has come and gone. Hard to believe it is over.

Kathy and I had a nice quiet day at home. Just us and the cats. We did have plans, but things don’t always work out the way we plan.

To start the day we went to church for 10:30 mass. We chose that because we knew it would not be crowded as the Saturday evening masses would be. We were right.

Our plan was to come home after church, get some breakfast, make dinner, and take it up to my brother’s. I had thought we would have dinner together since we are the only three still living locally.

That didn’t happen. We never made it to my brother’s.

A light on my dashboard decided to come on. It was telling me I had low tire pressure. It was Sunday. It was Christmas Day. Nothing was open. I had an hour’s round trip. Could I do it with low pressure? Possibly. Did I want to change it? No.

Was the pressure low because of the cold? Did have a leaky valve? Did pick up a nail somewhere? This was the problem last time the low pressure light came on. I did not relish the thought of being on the interstate with a bad tire and no way to get help. Yes, I am a triple A member but it was still a holiday. So, I called my brother and told him we would not be coming up. We made plans to meet for lunch on Wednesday instead.

That left us at home. Although it wasn’t a hectic day of getting ready and being on the road, we did spend a quiet enjoyable day together.

I still got dinner together for us. Although it was probably not what you might consider a traditional holiday meal, it sure did hit the spot. We had some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving so I made a pan of turkey tetrazzini. It was delicious even if I say so myself.

After dinner Kathy and I opened our gifts. Because we usually go out for the day we have always saved our gift opening until we got home. Even though we stayed home this year we still waited until after dinner to open gifts.

We had an nice quiet day. Still, I guess the excitement of the day was too much for some.



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18 responses to “Change of Plans

  1. Sara

    I had tire pressure issues on Christmas Day too! I bought a portable tire air compressor on Amazon for an future issues.

  2. Good you decided not to go when the tire was not what it should be. We can never tell. Have you always loved cooking? Do you like to experiment? What is Kathy’s favourite dish? Regards, Lakshmi

    • I don’t know that I really got into cooking until after I retired, Baking is another story. I have always enjoyed that. I do like trying new recipes. Kathy really likes a chicken and rice dish that we mak.

  3. Trish

    The closing photo says it all: What? Me worry? I think your day sounds perfect as it happened. Turkey tetrazzini was one of my mom’s standard comfort food meals. Even though I’m a vegetarian, seeing that casserole warmed my heart. Hope your new year brings more unexpected wonders.

    • Thank you. The day did turn out well. The nice thing about the casserole is that there is plenty left and it freezes well so we can have some whenever we get hungry for it.

  4. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Sometimes that change of plans can lead to a peaceful day! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas after all!

  5. Leah Koch

    With all the travel craziness going on, I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Stay safe.

  6. The cat photo is the picture of Christmas! You had a lovely, peaceful day – a good decision, I think, in all this cold weather everywhere.

    • Since temps are to be in the 40s on Wednesday I think that will be a much better day for traveling. I had the car checked out so the tires are in good shape. I will feel more comfortable driving the interstate now.

  7. Terje

    Sometimes the quiet is the best option and the non-traditional food tastes the best, and everyone needs a bit more naps.

  8. Glad you played it safe and stayed home. A quiet holiday is sometimes a nice change of pace. Happy New Year to you both!

  9. I had tire pressure issues a few weeks ago. It went to the nearest station and filled them but the signal didn’t go away. Fortunately, I checked online that night because of course I can see exactly how high my tires are and where they should be. Apparently my front tires like to be a little higher than the back. I went back the next day, got to the target number and all was well again.

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