Cookie Exchange

I have mentioned before that once a month Kathy and I meet some of my retired co-workers for lunch. It is a way to keep in touch with friends I no longer see on a daily basis. Our December lunch is slated for next Thursday.

Last month when we were picking a date one of our group suggested that we have a small cookie exchange in December, nothing elaborate and strictly voluntary. By small I mean two or three cookies for each person instead of a plate with a half dozen or more. This way one batch of cookies should suffice. Multiple batches would not need to be baked to fill the orders. We would all get a taste of what others made as well as the recipe so that if we want more we could bake our own.

This works for me because with just Kathy and me we don’t need several dozen cookies. My biggest dilemma was what kind of cookies to bake. After some thought I decided to make some buckeye brownie cookies and some Mexican wedding cake cookies, one batch from me and one from Kathy.

The buckeye brownie cookies are one of my favorite. After all, you can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter. The wedding cookies are a type of shortbread cookie rolled in powdered sugar.

Now, I have seen instances where people put all of the ingredients into a mason jar and attach the recipe. I like this idea, but the purpose of the cookie exchange is to get ready made cookies as well as the recipe. But, I decided, what if I put the recipe and maybe a candy cane in a jar and gave that along with the cookies to each couple.

I didn’t have mason jars and I didn’t really want to take glass anything to lunch. So instead I found directions for some mason jars that will do the trick. I can put the recipe in the jar with some candy canes and I won’t have to worry about them breaking. Hope my friends like this idea.



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23 responses to “Cookie Exchange

  1. Super cute! Cookie exchanges are so funny- dozens of cookies are the last thing we need, but they are irresistible! It is so nice to read your story of lasting friendships here, and needlepoint ornaments are the icing on the cookie, ha ha!

    • When we all retired we know that because we lived in different places chances were good that we would not see each other unless we made an effort to do so. I am so glad we did. We have been doing this for 8 years now.

  2. Adorable! I do have some questions, though, like where did you find the directions for these mason jars? Also, what do you think about inserting your cookie recipes into the post? I’m not thinking of anything fancy, just like a hyperlink should a reader be interested. Enjoy your lunch and friendships.

  3. Clever! Cookies and artwork both! I have a cookie exchange coming up but I think it’s bring a dozen or two to share and then some for treats for the meeting. I think I’ll need to READ the expectations a bit closer.

    • This is only the second time I am participating in this kind of event. Since our church is selling cookie trays and since our neighbor always gives us a plate of cookies I don’t need an overabundance of them. After all, I would just have to eat them.

  4. Wowsa! You went above and beyond – totally adorable cookie exchange jars! Love it. I also admire the ‘restraint’ of the exchange itself – I, too, really don’t need to come home with too many cookies. Taking just one or two of each delicious kind is a great idea. The buckeye brownie sounds yummy!

  5. Anita Ferreri

    I have only done a cookie exchange once, but I love the idea of connecting and sharing that it brings. YET, you are going above and beyond sharing a piece of your heart along with the way to make more cookies.

    • I don’t usually participate in a cookie exchange because we don’t need that many cookies. Only getting 2 or 3 cookies is enough for a taste without having an overabundance.

  6. Terje

    You write “cookies” and here I am. Cookie exchange sounds deliciously wonderful idea. The mason jar idea you share is the cutest I have ever seen.

  7. Trish

    I am so glad I read all the comments! So I can expect a couple of recipes next Tuesday. I’m salivating already. Also I am a person who stashes cookies in the freezer if I make lots! The trick is to try and forget they’re there. I’m not so successful at that.

    • It is a while since I have made either of these recipes so I hope they turn out well. If they were just for us looks wouldn’t matter but since we are sharing…

  8. Those are so lovely! I wonder if they will get new life as a tree ornament…that’s what I would do with mine. 🙂

    • I am hoping that is what they will do because they are designed to be ornaments. I laid them all out on the table and let each person pick the design they wanted.

  9. I love your delivery method. I love home made, handmade, gifts like this.

  10. I really can’t decide what I adore most:
    – The gathering itself to stay connected.
    – The restraint of the cookie exchange so no one is overwhelmed by COOKIES.
    – Or those absolutely charming Mason jars.

    Altogether this is one delightful post. (Now I want 🍪)

  11. Thanks, Raivenne. For me, I think it is staying connected. It is nice to know that our friendship has lasted even though we no longer see each other on a daily basis. We enjoy each others company. Lunch easily lasts 2 hours. Of course, cookies…

  12. Bob, I read your slice a few days ago and never sent out my reply. It must have been one of those nights when I fall asleep with the computer on my lap. Since I am back here I would like to know what a buckeye brownie is. Is it different than a regular brownie? I am going to make brownies next week and store them for our exchange. The jars with needlework are adorable. Where would I find those or did you make them yourself. Happy holidays. December is upon us!

    • Carol, a buckeye brownie is different from a regular brownie in that they they are shaped like a cookie and there is a peanut butter center. A chocolate frosting then covers the cookie. I will be including the recipe in my post next week. If you would like the recipe I can send it to you sooner just email me. As far as the plastic canvas mason jars go, I bought the kit through Herrschers catalogue

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