Was Wondering, Now I Know

Well, it’s over. Finally, no more campaign ads on TV. To be quite honest, I was getting sick and tired of all of the negativity.

But now what? With all of that air time devoted to political ads how would stations fill the void? Gee, if only that money spent on TV ads could be put to better use like maybe helping those in need. I digress.

It will be at least a month or two before ads for the primary elections begin. I would hate to see TV stations going bankrupt because of lack of revenue.

I needn’t have worried. I now know what the replacement ads will be. I guess it makes sense since time is short. Money has to be made. Sales need to be announced. Consumers must be parted from their money.

Things we don’t want or need must to be made to look like things we can’t live without. Short supplies of items must be mentioned so that things fly off the shelves.

Tis the season for Christmas shopping commercials.



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10 responses to “Was Wondering, Now I Know

  1. Trish

    I’m going to sound like Scrooge here, but man, am I sick of the “buy more” mentality. We need to devote some time to being THANKFUL (it is November, after all) before we buy more stuff that we don’t need. Thanks for your tone here; tongue-in-cheek is so much more effective that outright disgust!

  2. Terje

    My hubby and I use the rewatch feature on TV. This allows us to skip all commercials. The Christmas commercials wouldn’t have much influence on us either. All adults in the family get one gift only and usually a practical one (like woollen socks or coffee) or an entertaining one (theatre tickets or a board game).

  3. Yes, from election to buy! buy! buy! Thank goodness for the ability to forward through the commercials.

  4. It makes me crazy how one holiday isn’t even over before “product” for the next one is on the shelves. It’s crazy!

  5. Some ads make me wonder! Are people really taken in by them ?

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