Did You Know?

I am sure many if not all of us get those freebies in the mail that come with a donation form. Maybe its’s next year’s calendar. Maybe it is an assortment of cards. Maybe it is name labels. Side note – I could wallpaper a room with all of the name labels I get.

Well, last week I received a thick envelope from Boy’s Town. Along with name labels, a calendar, and a Farmer’s Almanac, there was a booklet of Folklore, Fun Facts, and Traditions.

I tend to like quirky tidbits so this week I thought I would share some of the interesting nuggets I read.

Starting with some weather folklore:

PROVERB: A year of snow, crops will grow.

PROVERB: If there is thunder in winter, snow will fall seven days later.

PROVERB: A ring around the moon means rain will come real soon.

What I found interesting is that not only is the proverb given, an explanation as to why these things occur is also given. The ring around the moon I have known for many years. The other two were new to me.

Even though we are still a few weeks away form October, I thought I would share some October weather proverbs with you as well. The booklet does include proverbs for each month.


Much rain in October, much wind in December.

For every fog in October, a snow in winter.

Full moon in October without frost, no frost till full moon in November.

Maybe I will just have to put this list on the refrigerator and see if any of them hold true. More interesting folklore and traditions next week.



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14 responses to “Did You Know?

  1. Hmm … some new ones that I would be keeping track of with tally marks. October is always such a blur with a birthday blitz !

  2. I love when reading leads to writing! I’m definitely going to see if there’s any merit to these proverbs for October. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Trish

    I’m looking forward to more wisdom. I’d love to get a freebie that I could actually use. Fun, indeed!

  4. I’m always curious to the factoid/stories behind such sayings because there’s always a nugget of truth in them. I look forward to reading what other gems you have – and which ones, if any, pan out.

    • Usually the stuff that comes with money requests finds it way to the circular filing cabinet, but these booklets are keepers and readers. There is so much folklore that it is difficult to choose what to include in the post. I’ll see what strikes my fancy next week.

  5. These are so interesting! I’d love to hear if/when some of these come true!

  6. My favorite freebies are address labels, but this dose of wisdom you received is excellent.

  7. It is fun to get something out of the ordinary from some organization seeking money.

  8. Lainie Levin

    I loved reading these sayings, and now you’ve got me curious as to why they might be scientifically-based. It actually sounds like a cool constructivist unit in weather and atmosphere…but you didn’t hear that from me! =))

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