When Sickness Hits

How inconsiderate!
COVID hits 
but I feel fine.
So why am I made to suffer?

How inconsiderate!
He crawls into bed
but it's the middle of the afternoon.
I don't want to sleep, but a catnap might help.
How inconsiderate!
He has no appetite
and doesn't want much
but I sit waiting for food.
How inconsiderate!
He finally sits down to eat
and after waiting an eternity
I get something as well.
How inconsiderate!
I deserve my head rub
and I deserve my chin scratched
yet I am forced to isolate.
How inconsiderate!
Poor me.


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16 responses to “When Sickness Hits

  1. Trish

    I love the point-of-view here and the smiles it invites. Today is a celebration of the four-leggeds from the two of us. I am hoping that Covid is primarily in your memory bank rather than ongoing.

  2. Love this! Thank you for sharing the words and the cute pics!

  3. Love the repetition as a vehicle for the humor.

  4. Very funny, just like cats! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Hope the next test is negative so you can venture out again… even though we remain cautious.

  5. Ned is so very clever. Glad to hear that the inconsiderate days are on the wane. Slow and Steady Recovery!!!

  6. The repetition of “How inconsiderate!” is so increasingly endearing within each stanza.

  7. You made a Raivenne grin at a cat POV write “How inconsiderate!” This was a delight. The repetition and the pictures drive it home.

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