More Quilts

Well, here are the final pictures from the York Quilt Show. Again, I am amazed at the artistry of these beauties. For what it is worth, I will add my comments about each quilt as well. Please keep in mind that the comments reflect only the thoughts of the writer and no one else. I am no expert, but somethings I like while others I don’t

So. let’s start with this one. Although I can tell that lots of work has gone into this, I am not a big fan of the yellow background fort the flowers.

Although I do like this one, I think it could use some pops of color.

For all you bird watchers out there, this one is for you. Notice who is doing the watching in the center block.

Any of these vases of flowers would look good in our house.

Hope your are not “blue” after seeing this one.

A bit busy for my taste. No place to rest the eyes.

I like scrap quilts, but this is a bit much for me.

I like the illusion of this one. I feel like I am being sucked into it.

I like how the border detail gives this an octagonal look.

I have mentioned in other quilt posts that I am a fan of Baltimore Album quilts.

This I just fine pleasing to look at.

A simple flower pattern, makes a beautiful quilt.

Appliqued flowers and quilted flowers come together in this quilt.

Stained glass quilts are always so striking.

Looks like someone just threw a bunch of flowers in the air and let them fall wherever. I like this one.

To finish, a walk through Grandmother’s Flower Garden is always a treat.

Thanks for joining me at the York Quilt Show.


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10 responses to “More Quilts

  1. Trish

    MY two favorites? I love the cat sitting patiently for those birds surrounding him/her. The humor in that artistry gets me. And, unlike you, that saffron yellow background in the first one is my favorite! Obviously the quilter and I would get along. (I have loved that color since walking through Central Park with Christo’s panel exhibit.)

  2. The nice thing about going to a quilt show it that there is usually something for everyone.

  3. I didn’t get blue because that’s my favorite color so I enjoyed the use of all the shades of blue.

  4. Terje

    Blue is my favourite today – it carries the sea, sky and peace.

  5. Wow! There are some very creative quilters in this show. I like the one that’s like a black hole and the blue flowers, as well as the pink and green flower pattern. It’s really very hard to choose! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  6. I always find it amazing to see what some quilters can do with pieces of fabric.

  7. The optical illusion one and the one that looked like flowers fell on it are my favorites of this set.

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