Paducah, Day 2

Day two at the quilt show brought a variety of different types of quilts to see. Some were definitely modern and artistic while others had a note of tradition to them even though they were not your traditional types of quilts. See what you think as you view these pictures.

Let’s start with one that looks like it could be a row-by-row quilt, at least to me. I like the diffrerent blocks that make up this quilt.

Here is one that is bold in its colors. The electric colors stand out against the black background.

These are all traditionsl patterns, but the colors give them a different twist.

Although I appreciate all of the work put into this quilt, it is too busy for me. No place for the eye to rest.

This I like. Even in this picture you can see the quilting designs.

To me, this has an optical illusion effect to it. It looks like the design is floating over the background.

Birds and flowers, two of my favorite things.

I’ve been to many zoos and wildlife preserves but never saw animals in these colors. I like them.

This is just pleasing to my eye. It acts like a bit of calm amid the other quilts.

Back to some abstract colorful quilts. Some tiny circles on this one.

This just looks time consuming.

I just think these two are cute.

The solid colors really show off the quilting.

Baltimore albums are always a hit at quilt shows.

Not really wild about this one, but I can’t say why.

Again, no place for the eye to rest. Too busy for my taste.

When I saw this, it reminded me of the bobbins of floss Kathy has for her cross stitch projects.

I am always fascinated by these kinds of 3-D effects.

Anyone for popping some bubbles?

To me, this just seems out of place with the other quilts in this collection. Maybe there is some explanation I am missing.

Baskets of flowers are pleasing to look at.

Well, that does it for this week’s tour of the quilt show. Kathy spent one more day at the show and next week we will look at pictures from her third and final day at Paducah. Until then, here’s looking at ya!


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21 responses to “Paducah, Day 2

  1. So many different styles and colors and all the work. Wow!

    Would I make any of those? That’s an interesting question!

    (a blue bear – I think the animals won for me!)

  2. margaretsmn

    Thanks for the tour of the quilt show. Such a variety! Love the artistry.

  3. The quilts are gorgeous. I’m amazed by the variety and the skill necessary to make these beauties. Your commentary helps me think about each one. I’m not crazy about the paint-chip pattern but appreciate its originality. I love the animal one most, I think

  4. Wow! Some of those color choices are very striking. And some of those pieces are really tiny.

  5. Trish

    And the winner is…I have to say, I love the first one from this stupefying array of quilt expertise. It is as if each square in the row-by-row tells a story. Love it. The runner-up? Definitely the second-place winner # 805! I had to zoom-in to look at the elaborate details. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Anita Ferreri

    I feel like I just went to a quilt show. So many incredible pieces of art.

  7. Sara

    amazing pieces of art

  8. Terje

    The beauty and unbelievable craft of quilts never seizes to amaze me. I can’t choose a favourite today.

  9. Wow! So many kinds of quilts. The paint-chip quilt made me smile. What an interesting idea! I think I liked the first black quilt best. I don’t know that I’d want such a dark quilt (especially with my mostly-white cat!), but the colors were so vibrant. I also love the parrots. That was cute! I was looking forward to coming back to see more quilts, and you didn’t disappoint! 🙂

    • Glad you came back. As a three cat owner I know that no outfit or home accessory is complete without a little cat fur added to it, at least that is what my three tell me. One more post whit more quilt pictures coming up next week.

  10. I am always awed by the creativity, skill and patience required of the art. I can see the craft even in the more whimsical pieces. I agree on the busy pieces, they hurt to look at.
    Don’t let the cats know you said the flowers and birds are two of your favorites.

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