Paducah, Day 1

Last week I wrote about Kathy going to a major quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky. She and her friends came home Sunday. They had a really good trip and a great time at the show. They spent three days at the show and since the building was a three story building they devoted one day to each floor.

Although there was really nothing that Kathy needed to buy, she did find some fabric, patterns, and thimbles. She also took some pictures that I could share on this blog.

This might be a lazy way of doing things, but I thought I would devote one day and the pictures from that day in three separate posts. This gives me topics I don’t need to think much about for the next three weeks. So, here are some pictures from day 1, Wednesday.

Kathy said that many of the quilts were artsy and not the traditional patterns we both tend to gravitate to. Here are day 1 pictures with my comments.

I remember seeing this one or one similar to it before. I like how the dark background makes the animals stand out.
I know the picture isn’t blurry, but the background sure plays tricks with my old eyes.
I just think it is fun to try and spot the different animals in this quilt.
A different take on a wedding ring pattern.
Not particularly wild about the yellow background on this one.
I like this because it is simple and clean looking.
I think the quilting on this is striking.
A bit too busy for my taste.

There is something to be said for a two color quilt.

How can you not love cute giraffes?
You knew there had to be at least one cat quilt.

Next week we will look at day two photos.


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22 responses to “Paducah, Day 1

  1. Look! A quilt post and you didn’t even have to leave the house time. The black background was striking and you’re right about the ‘blurry” being hard on the eyes.
    Of course on the kitties, too cute. Kathy took some great pics. Looking forward to the next installment.

    • I am glad Kathy took so many pictures that I could share. And I can say, that was not the only cat quilt picture she took. Surprise, surprise.

  2. Terje

    The quilt posts are always a treat. My super favourite from today’s selection is the one with giraffes.

  3. Anita Ferreri

    These are amazing images of incredible quilts. I usually stick to strip quilting or 9 blocks…but now I am wondering…..

  4. Trish

    The last one is the cat’s meow! I know it seems too busy for you, but I love the colors in that one. Bring on Day 2. (Glad Kathy and her friend had a good time.)

  5. I love going to quilt shows with you and Kathy. My favorites are the forest animals and the giraffes.

  6. Feel free to spread it out…you know we love looking at them. I am always impressed by the talent.

  7. Lainie Levin

    These quilts are astonishing. I can’t imagine seeing them in real person – it must be truly amazing! Also amazing must be all of the camaraderie and the social interactions with fellow quilt artists.

    (And please tell me you’ve seen this PBS video about the quilt festival?)

  8. I love quilts! I hope to one day learn to make them. All of the quilts my grandmother made were lost when my aunt’s house was destroyed years ago. As the only crafter in my branch of the family, I want to take up that work and carry it forward. Kathy took some great photos, and I love that we’ll have quilt pics to look at for the next couple of weeks. Great inspiration! I think my favorite image among all of these is that cute skunk in the first picture!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s quilts. I know the love and work that goes into making them. Kathy finds quilting to be calming, a great destresser. I am glad she had the opportunity to visit this quilt show for a second time.

  9. So many designs, styles and colors. I see quilts so differently now.

  10. Book Dragon

    What a gorgeous collection – truly a work of art. I love your captions. They made me chuckle.

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