Ten Things To Love About Springtime.

1, The days are longer. No more eating dinner in the dark.

2. The days get warmer.

3. We can shed our winter clothes.

4. Birds are transitioning, as observed by who is visiting our feeder.

5. Spring flowers bloom and grass turns green adding color to gardens and yards.

6. Basketball players gather at the hoop in the park, a hoop that saw no activity during the winter months.

7. The sound of lawnmowers cutting the grass replaces the sound of plows making roads passable.

8. People on the street stop to talk rather than give a quick wave on their way to warmer surroundings.

9. Music can be heard from passing cars whose windows are open letting in the warm spring air.

10. The sunshine is bright and welcoming.

Just because, let’s add one more thing you gotta love about springtime.

11. April snow.

In keeping with my goal to write a poem every Tuesday during the month of April here is my offering for this week. I thought I would go with a sijo.


Looking out the window I am greeted by bright yellow sunshine
The sight of it warms my heart and brings a big smile to my face.
Wait, it’s not the sun but the blooming forsythia in the yard.


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20 responses to “Sunshine

  1. Terje

    Great spring list. The sunshine, warmth and flowers make my top three.

  2. Bob, April fools was a few weeks ago. I’m guessing that Mother Nature just needed to add one more joke to the month. Your list of 10 things to love about April is an interesting list poem with a twist at the end. So technically, you wrote two poems today. I’m going to share your winter photos in my Winter’s Embrace Gallery. I have to say that our damp, cold rain does not compare to your snow. I guess I should stop complaining. Thanks for sijo that reminds me I should try that format again.

  3. Thanks, Carol. Right now the sun is shining brightly and the snow will be gone by this afternoon. Temps will be on the rise for the rest of the week. This is one crazy spring.

  4. Trish

    #8 says it all…It is such a different neighborhood when people begin to blossom with the light and warmth. Doors swing open, street signs shelter conversations like water coolers used to in an office. There are smiles again. I love these photos!

    • How true. After being cooped up during the winter months people are looking for personal interaction and enjoy talking with whomever they encounter.

  5. Book Dragon

    I love the contrast of number 11, said with wry wit.
    Thanks for introducing me to Sijo as I have never heard of that form of poetry.

  6. The forsythia is gorgeous. Combining the photo with the poem and connecting it to the sun was clever.

  7. Us too! We went from 77 one day to snow three days later.

  8. April snow! I think I’m going to see some when I head to Alaska next week, but we seem past it here (maybe?). I love your list. All the things I like about spring, too!

  9. I can imagine how you welcome spring after winter. Here we have only summer and monsoon:) The flowers are beautiful and the flowers and the snow.

  10. We got some April snow, too. I live the forsythias. I once had a neighbor who quoted them with the other yellow “weed.” In my opinion that neighbor was wrong. If dandelions would grow only where you put them, they’d be a pretty, sunny flower.

  11. Lainie Levin

    Oooh that April snow. Had it only come in October, we’d be marveling, rushing outside to catch flakes on our tongues. Instead, we give it a side-eyed glare as we grab the brush to fling it away…

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