Tangled Titles


I was looking back at the titles of the posts I wrote during this month. I did not have a theme to connect my posts. I just wrote whatever popped into my head on any given day. I just have a hodgepodge of titles with no common thread binding them together. I wanted to see if I could do anything with them. So, playing around I moved, shifted, arranged and rearranged them and came up with what I call Tangled Titles. All titles are exactly as I wrote them, but they are not in order from Day 1 to day 30. Does any of this make sense? I will let you decide.

Tangled Titles

Jewel Cases
Blocked Already
Angry? Frustrated? Annoyed?
Minor Glitches

Cake Calling
Cooks With Collars
Answering the Call
Another Year Another Challenge

Getting Started
Getting Old
Getting There

All About Yesterday
New York State of Mind
Looking Back/Looking Ahead
Blasts From the Past

No Excuses
Almost But Not Quite
Off Again

Expanding Zoom Knowledge
Pet Peeves

Celebrating the Day
Side Trip
Buyer’s Paradise


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25 responses to “Tangled Titles

  1. Love it. Mini themes did emerge as those are ideas that recur in your writing.

  2. SaraThornton

    Where’s the cat blogs?

  3. This is so AWESOME! Totally saving to tackle one day as a format. Thanks!

  4. Trish

    This is a winner, one I’m going to experiment with. I have my post idea for tomorrow, but I think I’m keeping it for a Tuesday post… I want to do that again. We’ll see. No matter, this is great!

  5. Rita K.

    This was so clever. I loved seeing how they connected to one another. I’ll remember this.

  6. Terje

    Cake calling is my favorite part. Fun play with titles.

  7. This was amazing to see how you developed a theme for your titles. Loved it!

  8. I love this idea. I should look for trends in my titles. I find writing titles to be tricky, even after all this time.

  9. Leigh Anne Eck

    Marvelous idea! I love cycles the best!

  10. Lainie Levin

    What a cool idea, to assemble all of your titles together like this. And like you, I find that some of my best ideas, my cleverest posts, arise from the desperation of “oh my goodness, what am I going to write about today?”

    Gotta love that muse. =))

  11. That’s pretty clever. Me likey.

  12. Bob, you ran with the idea of slice titles. I like your spin on it AND you even wrote little vignettes in a poetic format. Be proud of this slice. Your humor always comes through. See you on the last day and every Tuesday afterwords.

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