Cake Calling


During the last week several slicers have posted about baking or cooking. There was stew and chicken. Soup and chocolate chip cookies. Yes, food grabs my attention.

It got me to thinking that I haven’t done any baking in quite a while and I was hungry for something sweet. So, yesterday I decided to head to the kitchen and whip something up. I do have many recipes that I have made many times and always enjoyed. However, none of them appealed to me. I wanted something chocolatey. but not just a plain chocolate cake. I wanted something with coconut, but not a coconut cake.

I decided on a variation of a chocolate cake with a coconut frosting – a German Chocolate Cake. Trouble is, I had never made one so this was going to be a first. I started out by checking the recipe and gathering all of the ingredients. After all, I couldn’t make the cake if I didn’t have all that I needed and I hadn’t yet shoveled out the cat from Saturday’s snow storm.

I have all that I need so now it is on to measuring out amounts.

Now, let’s get things mixed and into the pan. The directions called for 8″ or 9″ cake pans. I wanted to use a 9 x 13″ pan. The batter looked really good, almost like a chocolate mousse. I adjusted the baking time for my pan choice.

As the cake cooled it was on to the frosting. If I were being honest, I made this cake not because I wanted the cake but because I wanted the topping.

After it cooled it was time to layer it on top of the cake.

All that is left now is to cut a piece and enjoy.

Delicious, if I must say so myself.


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25 responses to “Cake Calling

  1. Please send several slices to Ralph and me with a rush kn the delivery via UPS. We will have it tomorrow for breakfast! Sounds heavenly!

  2. Double topping, please.
    Or just skip the cake.

  3. Terje

    I wish the technology was developed enough to transfer cakes over the internet. 🙂

  4. “I made this cake not because I wanted the cake but because I wanted the topping.” I can totally relate! Thank you for adding the pictures. The cake looks delicious.

  5. You’re welcome. Whenever I am out I look for the piece of cake with the most icing.

  6. I’ll take a piece! German Chocolate Cake is my dad’s favourite, but my husband doesn’t like cake in general. I never make it and haven’t had it in years.

  7. Oh my! What a display! I love seeing the progress in pictures. Bet it was scrumptious!

  8. Lainie Levin

    You had me at cake.

    I love German chocolate cake. It’s a real process to make, but so very worth it, for sure.

    Like you, I love to bake. Often, I’ll just feel compelled to bake something out of the blue – which isn’t so great for me nutritionally, but it’s great for making friends in the staff lounge.

    Next up for me is the traditional Jewish pastry from this time of year: Hamentaschen. I’m making them after the holiday this week, but I’ll get to bake alongside my sister and mom. Hooray!

  9. Oh I do enjoy your posts where you whip up treats and this was no exception – EXCEPT- I’m reading this on Pi Day and now I want cake!

  10. It looks so good! One of my favorite desserts.

  11. I loved how you laid out the photoshoot, Bob. Very Professional Looking-I imagine that cake tasted delicious.

  12. That looks so delicious! And very fine mise en place work as you cook! I bake and cook quite a bit, but it never looks that neat and orderly! (I’m with you on buying the pies. I’ve tried many “fool proof” pie crusts–and never had one turn out!)

  13. It looks delicious, my mouth is watering 😁

  14. LOVE how you have your recipes in an organized binder. I have one too…makes life so much easier for me. My family picks on me for not “using my phone” …there is something about having a tangible collection of favorites. I hope it was delicious.

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