Pet Peeves


Being old grants me some privileges, at least in my mind. One of those is that I am allowed to rant about my pet peeves. I know that none of you youngsters have things that annoy you so let me share three of mine with you.

If you pay your bills electronically you won’t be able to relate to this. When bills come they are neatly folded and placed in an envelope. The stub stating what I owe is at the bottom of the page with the words “Detach and send with your payment”. Why, then are the perforations not on the crease but a sixteenth of an inch above or below the fold? Good luck getting a neat tear.

Another annoyance, when driving on the interstate I keep to the speed limit, more or more. Let’s just say that I am not lollygagging. I don’t mind if people pass me, but why do they pass, pull right in front of me, and then get off at the exit we were approaching which is less that a quarter of a mile away? May their wheels fall off!

One last thing I will take issue with today. I like to eat. That’s no surprise to anyone reading my blogs. There are certain things and brands I like. Seeing the words “new and improved” on a label fills me with dread. The item is rarely new and, in my opinion, never improved. Why not leave well enough alone?

I could list more, but because one of the things I promised myself at the beginning of this challenge was that I was going to keep my posts short. Maybe more in a future post.


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24 responses to “Pet Peeves

  1. All solid pet peeves. And there’s something to putting them down on paper and sending them out to the world. Maybe the universe will give you a little reprieve because of it! Thanks for sharing

  2. Anita Ferreri

    I love this list of pet peeves and could add a few! Like did you ever try reaching a human being at Ezpass? It says call. No one ever answers, ever.

    • I haven’t had that pleasure, but don’t get me started on getting a person to talk to when trying to get help with a tech problem, of getting one I an easily iunderstand.

  3. A great thing to write about – pet peeves. I agree with you on all counts – especially the bill pay and the perforated lines. And don’t get me started on turnpike drivers! Love your post!

  4. I pay electronically, but oh do I remember that frustration with paper bills. I feel my teeth about to grind in memory of it. Three points to your inner Andy Rooney curmudgeon breaking out for a spell. 😁

  5. I love how hard I laughed as I read these … important to laugh at the things that annoy us. You brought that to life in your craft of this post. I think this needs to be a series.

  6. This was enjoyable. You made me think.

  7. Omg, when they change a favorite food of mine, I go crazy! Why?? Whyyyyyy???

  8. Why indeed. There is no need to mess with something that doesn’t need to be messed with.

  9. Trish

    I laughed out loud at , “May their wheels fall off.” That is a peeve that resonates for me—but I’m an oldie, for sure.

  10. Book Dragon

    I love the last comment you make on each of your pet peeves. That certain spice creates a vivid voice.

  11. Bob, your first line made me laugh because I have left behind the word old but you use it as a rite of passage. My husband had not embraced the world of electronic billing yet. Pet peeves are fun to read and better to complain about. Keep on delivering your gentle humor.

  12. This was so fun to read. And YES what is up with those weirdly placed perforations?? I’d never thought about that before, but they bug me too! I am committed to short posts too (longer ones only when writing about cats, a subject I could go on and on AND ON about at extreme length)–and to just writing whatever strikes me that day. I am so glad we have found ways to make this challenge enjoyable rather than a source of stress.

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