Summer in Winter

Yesterday was cold, 23 degrees. But it was summer in winter.

It was Valentine’s Day. We don’t usually go out for dinner because of unpredictable weather and because of crowds. But it was summer in winter.

I didn’t make reservations anywhere because I didn’t know our plans. But it was summer in winter.

We ended up at Perkins Pancake House. Because it was summer in winter.

Not a fancy meal, but it was delicious. After all, it was summer in winter.

Kathy had a pot roast breakfast quesadilla. She really enjoyed it. It was a bit of summer in winter.

I chose a pot roast melt that I also enjoyed. Again, it was summer in winter.

Too full for dessert so we got it to go. Chocolate silk pie for her and peanut butter silk for me. Take out some summer in winter.

We weren’t going straight home, but we knew it would keep. After all, it was summer in winter.

We then went to Hershey because we had theatre tickets. It was Summer in winter!


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18 responses to “Summer in Winter

  1. Trademark Arjeha twist at the end! Enjoyed it so much!

  2. I grinned at the lead up to the punch line, nicely done, Bob. You and Kathy certainly made a wonderful evening of it and that pot roast melt looked delish.

  3. Punchline? You mean there was a punchline? Really didn’t know how I was going to write this. Kicked around a few different ideas before settling on this. And yes, Raivenne, the melt was delicious. Just had some of the pie tonight. Difficult eating that with two cats clamoring for some.

  4. this slice really kept me intrigued. I love how the ending tied it all together!

  5. Sounds like a delightful date night! I loved the repetition and surprise ending!

  6. It was a really nice way to spend Valentine’s Day. When we got home, we watched Josh Groban’s Valentine concert on Youtube. Kathy is a big fan.

  7. Love the ending and great to have a bit of summer in winter. I was excited to day for 26 degrees. it is still winter. I hope the musical was a warm summer treat!

  8. Such an attractive phrase, summer in winter😊. The pies look delicious 😋.

  9. Lainie Levin

    That sounds like an absolutely lovely time. Dinner with the hunny, and the Donna Summer musical? Yes, please! Now I have disco music thumping through my brain. Guess things could be worse…

  10. Terje

    So cleverly created post. I am happy you had such a good time.

  11. Well, you got me with the ending, Bob. Love the way you led us right to your twist of thought. Glad you had a wonderful time. It is very cold here and the weather tricked me because the sun was shining so brightly.

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