A Tradition Continues

Before going to bed Sunday night Kathy and I both put a pair of shoes in front of our chairs. Why would we do this you ask? Simple. Monday, December 6, was the feast of St. Nicholas. Legend has it that Saint Nicholas visits the homes of all good boys and girls, no matter their age, and leaves a present in their shoes.

St. Nick has been visiting us for 40 years and we both hoped that he would once again make an appearance while we were sleeping. We knew the cats wouldn’t bother him if he came because nothing disturbs their nightly sleep, except maybe food.

Imagine the joy we felt when we got up on St. Nicholas day and saw there was a bag in each of our shoes.

What could be in them? Did St. Nick stop at Boscov’s before coming here. Just like little kids we were excited and could not wait to see what St, Nicholas brought us. Because I am more impatient than Kathy I opened my bag first. Oh Boy! There was a crossword puzzle book in my bag as well as a pencil with a big eraser. St. Nick knows I make plenty of mistakes when doing puzzles and need to erase answers often. There was also a bag of filled candies as well. I like eating one before we go out for the day. It holds me over until we go somewhere for dinner. I couldn’t be happier with my gifts.

Now it was Kathy’s turn. She opened her bag and found a box of chocolate covered cherries inside. These have the cream filling and not the clear filling. These are her favorites.

She was very pleased with her gift as well. I guess St. Nicholas really knows us. Of course Kathy and I will share our candies. The puzzle book, however, is all mine.

Hope St. Nicholas was good to all of you as well!


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11 responses to “A Tradition Continues

  1. Terje

    Staying playful and nurturing your inner child allows you to stay young.

  2. Such a lovely tradition. So simple, sweet, and meaningful.

  3. Such a wonderful tradition and a togetherness.

  4. Lainie Levin

    One of my favorite things about this season is hearing and learning about everyone’s family traditions for the holidays. Thanks for sharing this Slice!

  5. What a special tradition. I’ve heard of it, but never from a person who partakes. How fun! I think these traditions make the season so much more meaningful.

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