A Bittersweet Day

We were looking forward to Saturday in a big way. Hershey Theatre was back in operation and we had tickets for a show. We have been waiting for two years to return to our Broadway series. The show, Waitress was a holdover from the last season before the pandemic hit. We had seen the show on Broadway and were excited about seeing it again.

On an equal par of excitement about seeing the show was the fact that we were going to meet our theatre friends for lunch before going to the theatre. We have four people who have the seats behind us at the theatre that we have become friends with over the years since we all get season tickets each year and keep our same seats.

A few years ago we decided that we should get together before the show and have some lunch. The six of us have been meeting at Houlihan’s in Hershey for the last several years to enjoy a meal and just get caught up with each other and what has been happening in everyone’s life. Pat and Cathy are mother and daughter. Anita worked with Pat, and Chris is a friend of theirs. We live an hour away from the theatre and they live an hour and a half away. The only time we see each other is on show days.

This time our lunch was smaller. Chris decided not to come to the show because of Covid concerns. Pat wasn’t there because she passes away a couple of months ago. She had had several strokes and she did not recover. Although in her mid eighties, Pat was always sharp, enjoyed life to the fullest, and always had a smile on her face. As the four of us sat eating our lunch, we couldn’t help but miss Pat. We know that in spirit she was with us enjoying the food and the conversation.

Pat, you are missed.


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18 responses to “A Bittersweet Day

  1. haitiruth

    ❤ Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

  2. Glad you can enjoy theatre again. It is really sad when someone close passes away. They are a part of our lives.

  3. Terje

    Sending heart hugs to you!

  4. You have beautifully captured the way a life touched yours – a tribute. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Sara T Thornton

    It is a difficult journey in life. So sorry.

  6. What a lovely tradition! So sorry to hear that you lost a friend.

  7. What a lovely. tribute to Pat.
    So happy to have the theater back!

  8. Lainie Levin

    Bittersweet, for sure. It’s lovely to have some of the activities and experiences we used to enjoy, disheartening to know that the way we enjoy them has completely changed. And it’s hard to tell if we’ll always be this way, or if there will be a shift back, eventually, to that physical freedom we all so desperately miss.

    Glad that you were able to enjoy your lunch and the show, in whatever form you could.

    • We did have an enjoyable day even though it included masks being worn during the performance. I think we all want to go back to that physical freedom we had, but not sure if is in the cards any time soon.

  9. Bob, it is wonderful for you and Kathy tor return to the theater and enjoy the time to gather with your friends for a meal, conversation, and a remembrance of a friend.

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