Autumn Beauties

Pennsylvania is a colorful state.

In Winter, pure white snow covers the lawns. Following an ice storm trees glisten in the sunlight with ice diamonds.

In the Spring, green lacy leaves adorn the trees. Yellow daffodils, purple iris, yellow forsythia brighten the landscape

In Summer, color is everywhere you look. Trees wear their lush green leaves. Gardens are ablaze with summer beauties.

Autumn, however, has its own special palette of colors. Trees exchange their green leaves for bright yellows, vibrant oranges, majestic reds. Looking at a mountainside decked out in brilliant colors is awe inspiring. Traveling the interstate with colorful trees on either side of you makes you want to stop and drink in the scene.

Coming home the other day I just had to stop and take some pictures. With the weather that was being forecast I knew the leaves would soon be falling and I didn’t want to miss the chance of capturing what I saw.

Autumn's Cotillion

They know it is coming
Excitement fills the air.
Each one deciding 
What she will wear
Orange or yellow,
Crimson or gold.
Must be something new.
It cannot be old.
All eyes will be on them
As they swirl round and round.
And dance to Fall's music
With a rustling sound.


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17 responses to “Autumn Beauties

  1. I love the image of the cotillion, the debate on what to wear and the swirling and rustling. Such a great description of the wind and the magic of fall colors!

  2. I love the colours of your autumn. We don’t have that here. My daughter too sends photos from Germany. I always remember my stay with them in the winter of 2017. Such beautiful colours and I experienced my first snowfall. It was magical.

  3. The autumn colors are very inspirational… love the images you created… swirling, dancing, rustling, yes!

  4. I love the pictures you paint with your words and the photos! Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Thank you. The colors really inspired me.

  6. Love the fall as well. I wrote about the coming of November adding a few of those fall colorful images as well. Thanks for sharing – love the photos!

  7. Lainie Levin

    These are some breathtaking images, both through the photos and your poetry. A cotillion. Yes! What an apt image for the riotous celebration of the new swath of color. You know, it’s interesting. I hadn’t noticed any changes of the trees until a couple of days ago. Then it hit me – WHAM! – color everywhere.

    Thanks for this beautiful post.

  8. “All eyes will be on them
    As they swirl round and round.”
    Just this morning I watch enthralled from my window as a street level dust devil swept up some colorful leaves in its short lived swirl. I was minded of puppies chasing their tails, but a cotillion is perfect for these’ve captured that grace us each year with new gowns.

    • Like puppies chasing their tails. I never thought of that but the image fits. Thanks for your comments. It can be a bit mesmerizing to watch the leaves as the wind Carrie’s them.

  9. Bob, your autumn beauties are so lovely and then comes the poem to share autumn’s vivid scenes! I decided to pair both and create an image poem of your work for my Bedecked in Autumn Gallery. I will send the finished product to you.

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