Quilt Show #3

I didn’t post last week because I was at a retired teachers House of Delegates meeting so I thought I would finish up our trip to the quilt show this week. As I mentioned in previous posts, the quilts at this show were more artsy than traditional.

This example shows what I mean. I thought it was an interesting way to use color in the quilt.

The slight shading difference in the background fabric makes this quilt look like it is 3-D.

However, when viewed straight on yo can see that it is in fact flat.

I like the big pieces of this flower. Although not bright, the fall colors are perfect for this time of year.

Some say the show has gone to the dogs. I guess in a manner of speaking it has.

Some people claim they spotted Elvis at the show.

And not just one time.

The use of fabric in this quilt just makes it shimmer.

This one hurts the eyes. Imaging cutting all of these tiny pieces and then putting them back together to make this pattern.

Someone has an artistic eye to get the shading just right for this illusion.

When you are fishing to find your favorite quilt at a show it is difficult.

I can’t pass up a cat quilt whether that cat is small or large.

To end this post I thought I would show at least one traditional pattern Grandmother’s Flower Garden.


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10 responses to “Quilt Show #3

  1. Denise Krebs

    Wow, those quilts are amazing! Yes, artsy and intriguing. They are really beautiful and must have been so much work.

  2. So many variations. I’d be more inclined to make the flower one. I’m not yet ready for a million and one pieces!!! What fun to view this from the “I could make that!”, “um… maybe”, to “NO Way!” categories as I view them!!!

    Beginner Baby Steps!

  3. Those illusion quilts are both dizzying and amazing!

  4. Beautiful. So much work and so much love for the craft.

  5. Bob, thanks for taking us on a tour of the quilt show. You chose amazing designs for us to admire. I like the big autumn floral quilt you chose. I would love to cuddle up in that one.

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