Quilt Show #2

Whether a quilt is colorful or monochromatic, they still capture the eye. The use of bold colors in this quilt make it stand out.

How do you take something for delicate and fragile looking and capture it in fabric. How about like this?

It has been said that some shows go to the dogs. Here is a prime example.

But dogs aren’t the only animals that can be found at a quilt show. Are we at the zoo?

With all of the hustle and bustle of a quilt show it is always good to remain calm. This guy has the right idea.

Although I am not usually a fan of yellow quilts, this is one I could live with. Maybe it is because of the white framing the quilt.

Take a close look at this one. What kind of images do you see in the blocks?

It is amazing how changing the fabric in a quilt gives it a whole new look. these next three quilts use the same pattern, but the fabric choices give each one a unique look.

I will end this week with Cleopatra’s Fan.

Final pictures next time.


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8 responses to “Quilt Show #2

  1. So beautiful, all of them. The butterfly looks real. Some months ago I was reading some books in which the story centres around quilting.

  2. Wow! The serenity of the duck on the water with the quilting resembling waves is beautiful for quilting, but for piecing the butterfly is gorgeous as are the three from the same pattern!

  3. I have never seen such beautiful quilts, Bob. Thanks for always filling us in on the cultural side of life. There are some active quilters in the new community I live in but I have not seen the work yet. I have your image poem in my slice today along with other slicers’ work-so happy that I got this introductory post done in time.

  4. I love the water under the duck. It’s amazing someone could do that with fabric!

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