Quilt Extravaganza

After two years the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza was back at Oaks last week and we went. Although it was scaled back form shows in the past, it was good to be there and see these works of art. There weren’t as many vendors as in years past and the number of quilts on display was smaller than before. However, it still felt good to be there.

There were more artsy quilts than usual. The number of traditional quilts was definitely in the minority. There were several quilt challenges as well. That is where I will start.

For years Kathy and I would watch Bob Ross on our local PBS station. I was always amazed at what he could turn out in 30 minutes. I have no artistic talent, but I enjoyed seeing what he did. One of the challenges at the show this year was a Bob Ross challenge. As in other years it was sponsored by Cherrywood fabrics.

Although there were many quilts, I focused on just a few. I thought the detail in the eyes was neat.

In this one, the squirrel in the middle caught my attention. Can you imagine cutting all those pieces and then putting them back together again in a mosaic pattern?

In this next set, I would swear they are paintings if I weren’t at a quilt show.

Here are a few more examples of what was on display at this special exhibit.

Now let’s look at some other quilts. I have always been a fan of the card trick block and I just like these colors.

This Baltimore album quilt just reminds me of how skilled some quilters are with applique.

This one fascinated me. Although not colorful, look at all of those tine squares and rectangles. Note the close up in the second picture. Someone sure had lots of time on her hands.

This one I just found the colors to be relaxing. I know I could curl up under it.

Although Fall begins tomorrow, I thought I would finish this post with signs of spring.

Nest week we will look at a few more quilts form the show.


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14 responses to “Quilt Extravaganza

  1. They are so very beautiful , so much of passion for the craft and such amazing results. The eyes are so expressive and the squirrel too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love the black and white!! And those landscapes are amazing. I imagine the lockdowns must have resulted in a lot of quilts being made and entered is shows.

  3. The creativity isl! amazing. The quilters must be patient beings also because of the amount of detail and skill that is shown in your photos, Bob. Happy Fall

    • I agree, Carol. It is amazing how fabric placement makes a design and can trick the eye. Next week’s pictures show some good examples of this. Happy Fall to you as well.

  4. Terje

    It sure was about time for the quilts to return. Fantastic results. Even in a smaller scale it still brings joy and awe. I have a theory that the quilters have little elves helping them. It seems impossible for a human to create such intricate designs. Majority of the world doesn’t even know how to thread a needle. 🙂

  5. They are all amazing. I am glad you were able to get back after so much time , and able to share the quilts with us.

  6. What a pleasure to see the show through your camera lens! So many interesting designs!

  7. Goodness, there are many beautiful quilts here! One of these days I have to go to one of these local quilt shows. They’re incredible!

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