“In 300 feet turn right onto park drive. Rerouting. In 200feet turn right.”

“Huh. I’m backing out of my driveway. How could I have made a mistake when I didn’t leave my property yet?

Luckily I know how to get onto the road from my driveway so I didn’t need this voice from nowhere telling me where to go.

A little later…

“In 500 feet turn right and then make a sharp left.”

“I don’t want to. I am going straight for a mile and then making a left. It gets me to the same place and it is safer.”

I pass where I was told to turn and hear…


Is it me? Am I the only one who talks to me GPS. Don’t get me wrong. I love the GPS and have relied on it many times. It always gets me where I need to be. However, I sometimes wonder if this woman talking to me through my car is as smart as she thinks she is.

To get from my house to the interstate I always take take the same route. It is the fastest and most direct. Why then does my GPS want to send me on some roundabout way? Isn’t she smart enough to realize that I take the same road every time? Shouldn’t she file that away in her memory bank?

Another time we were traveling on route 22. GPS was running. I hear…

“In 200 feet turn left.”

“Lady. Are you serious? How can I turn left? First of all, there is no road off to the left. Secondly, there are Jersey barriers all along this section of the road.”

I pass the 200 feet.

“Rerouting. In 500 feet turn left.”


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8 responses to “Rerouting

  1. All. The. Time.
    That’s how often I talk to my GPS.
    I now have the sound off and use voice on my phone only when it’s a new location. I remember the first time zi was driving the Grandmas and we heard “recalculation” multiple times every day en route to SC and GA.

  2. Yes, you have to talk back. That woman enjoys her power way too much.

  3. I laughed because I always get the rerouting message. I have some preferred ways to get to major highways and thoroughfares. I need the nav system for what happens between that route and a final destination that is new to me. I have learned to pinch in the final address, turn it off, then restart it once I am on the highway.

  4. Lainie Levin

    Oh, my goodness. I’ve had my GPS steer me wrong, but never QUITE that wrong!

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