The Reception

After a ceremony joining a man and woman as husband and wife what better way to celebrate this union of love but at a joyful reception.

We left the church in Malvern and drove to Norristown for the reception.

On entering the reception we were welcomed by this sign.

The tables were elegantly set.

Of course, there was a special table reserved for the bride and groom.

We chose a table in the back so that we would be out of the way. How happy we were to see that Vanessa, who adopted us as her aunt and uncle, and her one year old daughter were sitting there as well.

As more people came in and picked places to sit were were also joined by Foster and Gift, our niece’s parents.

Also joining us were my brother and sister-in-law, Len and Carol.

While appetizers were being served and before the wedding party arrived Kathy and I decided to have our picture taken in front of the main table.

The wedding part arrived and the DJ introduced then telling them to enter the room “hot”. First up was the matron of honor.

Followed by bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Finally, the bride and groom.

While we were waiting for our table to be called to go to the buffet, our niece came over. It has been two years since we last saw her. Her husband, our nephew, is finishing up his residency program out in Vegas.

After some dancing it was time to cut the cake.


In feeding the bride, the groom was told to be “nice”. He fork fed her a piece of cake.

In feeding the groom, the bride was told to be “naughty” so he go to wear some icing on his nose.

It was a wedding so of course you know there has to be a picture of this.

Around 10:00 Kathy and I decided it was time for us to go. We still had a two hour drive to get home. We said our good byes to everyone but couldn’t leave without one last picture with our niece.


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21 responses to “The Reception

  1. jumpofffindwings

    And a good (great) time was had by all. This is a joyful photo essay filled with love. Congratulations! 💞

  2. Super pictures and LOVE your narration!

  3. Thanks for sharing this special day. It’s great to hear happy news.

  4. What a beautiful wedding! So many elegant decorations!

  5. Bob, I just love weddings and this one was just lovely. I am glad that you and Kathy had a wonderful time.

  6. Last week we got to “attend” the wedding, and now the reception. Both so lovely!

  7. So beautiful! I love the way you walked us through the reception!

  8. Denise Krebs

    Ah, what a joy! What a lovely tour of the wedding. Thanks for sharing the joy and happy events!

  9. Such a wonderful reception! I adore the guided tour of your lovely evening.

  10. Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments.

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