A Wedding

On Saturday Kathy and I attended a wedding. The wedding was beautiful, as weddings are, but what was important for us was the fact that we got to see family members we haven’t seen in over a year and a half.

To put things in perspective, the bride is the daughter of the cousin of our niece-in-law’s father. In African tradition, that makes us all family and we couldn’t be more honored.

This post is mostly pictures taking you through the ceremony.

Let’s start with the groom and some groomsmen waiting at the front of the church. The one in the middle is our nephew, Shad.

The mothers of the bride and groom each light a candle representing their family. Bride’s mother is on the left.

The matron of honor leads in the ringbearer and flower girl.

Here comes the bride on her father’s arm.

The bride says her vows.

The groom repeats his vows.

Two flames become one.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Moreno. Congratulations Luyando and Angelo.

Now, off to the reception. What a party that was. Will save that for next week.


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22 responses to “A Wedding

  1. jumpofffindwings

    What a wonderful event! The matron of honor’s dress is insanely stunning—not to mention the bride. I am happy you shared this, spreading the joy for us all.

  2. Terje

    How wonderful! Wishing the best to the young couple. It’s been a very long time since I attended a wedding.

  3. Weddings are always such celebratory occasions, Bob. I did see photos on FB. Wishing many blessings on the young couple. My post is coming soon.

    • Carol, it is always wonderful to be there to wish a young couple happiness as they begin their lives together. Being with family made the day all that more special.

  4. Lovely photos of this celebration of life and love! Today just so happens to be my wedding anniversary. So happy you could be there in person as they start this journey together.

    • It is wonderful to celebrate a life of love. We were happy to be a part of this celebration. Happy Anniversary, Fran. Wishing you a wonderful and many more happy years.

  5. What a gorgeous bride and wedding party! Weddings are already so special, but to be able to see family after a long separation–extraordinary!

  6. Beautiful! I would like Kathy to use the Matron of Honor’s dress as inspiration for a quilt. What a beautiful fabric!

  7. Gorgeous! What a celebration! So nice to see such happiness!

  8. The words, the pictures… loved it all.

  9. Lainie Levin

    What beauty and joy! I’m still smiling, as I imagine you (and many in attendance) might still be. Thank you for sharing this occasion.

  10. Lovely couple and a wonderful ceremony full of meaning.

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