Balloons or Ducks?

We all make decisions everyday. They affect our future, our family, or the course our life will take. Some we agonize over hoping we make the right decision. Other we make on the spur of the moment.

Many times one decision is based on a previous decision which was based on a decision prior to that. Sometimes our decision is based on what what someone else decides.

If you are wondering where this all is leading let me just say that I am facing a decision in the next two weeks and have not yet made up my mind.

Last week I received an email from a member of our African family. How would we feel about attending a wedding? If we think we would like to attend she will send us an invitation. Decision 1: Should we go. After discussing it Kathy and I replied we would love to attend.

The invitation came. The ceremony will be at 3:00 with a reception following at 6:00. This will take place in the Philadelphia area.

Decision 2: This is Kathy’s decision. What will she wear? Over the past year she has lost weight and is a smaller size. Dresses she has no longer fit well. Yesterday it was off to dress shop. She ended up buying two, one brown and one blue that both fit well and look nice. Now she needs to decide which one to wear.

That brings me to decision 3: What will I wear? I have both blue and brown jackets so whichever dress she picks I will go with the same color family. Not a big decision.

Decision 4: What tie will I wear? This, for me , is a tough one to make. As someone who wore a jacket and tie 98% of the time I was in a classroom I have a rack full of ties to choose from.

If I go with blue I can go with balloons.

If I go with brown I have ducks.

But wait, this is an afternoon wedding with an evening reception in a ritzy venue. Is either of these ties really appropriate? Maybe I should rethink.

I could go with a patterned blue tie.

For brown I could wear, as my students would call it, my hypnotizing tie.

Wait, maybe these aren’t the right kind of tie for an evening affair. I can always pull out a more conservative tie.

Whoever thought picking a simple tie would be such a tough decision? Dang it! Maybe I just go with a gray jacket instead.


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12 responses to “Balloons or Ducks?

  1. So many decisions every day!
    I vote for rhe hypnotizing tie ….

  2. I too vote for the hypnotizing tie! Thanks for sharing this. It took me back to the days when I used to keep looking at my father’s collection of ties in his wardrobe and also the time when he taught me to knot one, it being a part of my school uniform.

    • My students would complain each time I wore this tie because it made them bleary eyed looking at it. So, of course I wore it as often as possible.

  3. My husband has two ties. Decisions about which to wear are easy to make! I can’t wait to read about the wedding!!

  4. One of my hubby’s favorite ties was Bugs Bunny.

  5. Your ties are beautiful and you took a good decision to attend the wedding. I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

    • I did have quite a collection of ties when I was working. I still have quite a few but the occasions for wearing a tie are few and far between.

  6. Oh dear Lord, echoes of the beast known as my late-husband. He could not have cared less about clothing except for his ties. He would have had at least five options per color, occasion choice. I joked he was the Imelda Marcos of ties. Your decision making brought a smile in general, a laugh in memory. I love the colorful balloons.

  7. I won’t even mention the drawer full of Christmas and other holiday ties. Students never failed to notice when I had a new tie. I do like the balloon tie, but thought it might be a bit too whimsical for an evening reception at a ritzy venue. So, for now, the blue and silver tie wins. But, I still have a week before a final decision is made.

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