Sounds in the Night

I am not a light sleeper. In fact, when I close my eyes and settle in for the night there is little that wakes me. OK, a 2 A.M. call of nature will get me out of bed. Back in bed I am engulfed in sweet dreams in no time at all. Occasionally, though, there are those nights when after a trip to the bathroom I find it difficult to get back to sleep. I lie there staring in the darkness seeing nothing.

Hoverer, though I see nothing, there is lots to hear.

From the bottom of the bed there comes a sound.
A rumble of thunder? A jet flying by?
No, it's Molly.  Sound asleep and snoring.

From outside a car goes by.
Soon another and another.
Where can they be headed to or returning from at this time of night?

From the kitchen a sound starts.
a rumble getting louder.
The refrigerator is cycling.

A rhythmic ticking from the non-digital clock
counts off minutes I lie awake
Instead of getting the sleep I need.

From the dining room comes a familiar sound.
A rasping hacking sound demanding action.
Dustin just delivered a furball.

Guess I gotta get up!


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15 responses to “Sounds in the Night

  1. Maureen Young Ingram

    What a climactic end to the possibility of more sleep, that furball! It is amazing how keenly we hear EVERYTHING in the middle of the night, and you capture that so well here. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your experience is universal, and I laughed out loud when I realized what made the last noise in your poem. I’m wondering, do you have a long-haired cat?

  3. Nothing gets you out of bed like a furball, or, in my case, the sound of a dog about to vomit.

  4. Lainie Levin

    Ohhhh that SOUND. It’s guaranTEED to get you out of bed in a jiffy. I’d also agree with Adrienne – dog sick is another one that can make me virtually levitate in the wee hours…

  5. Terje

    Yes, the noises of the night can be loud. I am always surprised how loud the clocks are at night time. Some noises can be comforting too, like crickets and waves rolling to the shore.

  6. Bob, there is quite a bit of rumbling going on in your house at night. You shared the images so well and your ending was a surprise. Nothing like adding a bit of humor. Tonight, I will think of your poem when I wake (usually several times in the night.)

  7. Love all the sounds of this, well not so much the last one. This was charming and humorous rendering of your not so silent night.

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