I Just Wanted Batteries

Yesterday was our second day of 90+ degree temperatures. I had planned to do some outside work but decided against it because of the temps.

Kathy had a 10:30 PT appointment which we figured would take about an hour. She was home in less than 10 minutes. Where she had to go was just up the street from our house.

Now, she was all dressed because of her appointment. I was not going to do outside work because of the heat, so, what should we do with the day?

I had a suggestion. I had two watches that were dead and needed new batteries. Kathy had six. They are Swatch watches that we bought during different trips to NYC. I knew we were not going back the the Big Apple anytime soon so that we could get the batteries replaced. I searched on line and couldn’t find a way to order just batteries. The watches had to be taken to a store.

There are no stores in the Harrisburg area. The closest one is at the King of Prussia Mall near Philly. I looked at Kathy and made a suggestion – road trip. She agreed.

I got myself ready and we took off for the two hour trip. In some aspects I am cheap. I didn’t want to take the turnpike and pay a toll so we took rt. 422 instead. It was a nice trip.

Now, we haven’t been to the King of Prussia mall in years. It sure had changed. Our mask mandate was lifted yesterday, but we still took ours and wore them. I still feel more comfortable doing this.

Once we got into the mall we had no idea where the Swatch shop was. Luckily they have interactive directories so we were able to find the store and the route to get there.

Of course having lunch was first on my list, but I will save that for a future post.

We found the store with no trouble and gave our watches to the gentleman behind the counter. While he changed the batteries we looked around the store. I just came to get my two watches back in working order. I did not come for a new watch. I don’t need one. I have several and now all of them work. I also have a phone that tells me the time when I want it.

So, what did I do? You guessed it. I got the batteries replaced and I bought a new watch just because. Hey, what’s one more? (Old eyes need big clear numbers to read the time.)


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13 responses to “I Just Wanted Batteries

  1. Bob, I have to say you two are adventurous-a two-hour trip in the heat! I guess why not. You needed the batteries. The new watch is the prize for taking the time to shop. Stay cool.

  2. Sounds like a good outing! Hopefully your AC in the car was working well. (Also, with news of the Delta variant, I’m still more comfortable with a mask.)

    • The car AC worked fine which made the two hour drive comfortable. We parked in a covered parking lot so that kept the car cooler. Although the mall was cool, we walked at a slow pace so all in all it was a nice day. I will continue to wear my mask even though I am fully vaccinated.

  3. When I lived in South Jersey some friends and I made one pilgrimage to King of Prussia Mall. In 1992 it was the largest mall in the tri-state area and we knew it was going to be an amazing trip. We soon realized it was basically like all the other malls and we never went back!

    I really like your new watch!

    • I was amazed how the mall had changed and grown since the last time we were there. Where before we had to leave one building to walk to the other now they are connected.

  4. I have quite a few watches that could use batteries, too. But I have been out of the habit of wearing a watch for a long time. And it would be a quick drive if I decided to get the batteries, not a fun road trip. Maybe I could work in some ice cream, though.

  5. Lainie Levin

    I loved this Slice and this adventure, and the fact that you got a new watch out of the whole deal, too. I’m also intrigued by your line: “Of course having lunch was first on my list, but I will save that for a future post.” – now, is that because that particular day’s lunch was an adventure, or because you want to blog about how you always like to eat first? Either way, I’ll be readin’!

    • I didn’t want to lengthen the post by writing about lunch so I thought I would just put it off for another post. Besides, next week I may be desperately searching for a topic and I can write about lunch then. BTW, lunch was delicious.

  6. You went to the Swatch store? HAH! You never had a chance, a watch was coming home with you. It looks good. You and Kathy took your unexpected free time and put it to good use, making a day of it. Bravo.

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