Losing a Limb

I enjoy puzzles. I guess my favorite is the daily word jumble followed by the sudoku, both of which are printed in our daily paper. Another kind of puzzle I like it to spot the differences in two pictures. This help me see how sharp my eyesight is.

Here are two pictures for you to look at. Other than the fact they were taken in different seasons and one one tree is bare while the other has leaves, can you spot the difference?

Last Wednesday we had some heavy rains and strong winds. I admit that I slept through them and didn’t hear a thing.

I went to put the garbage out Thursday morning and saw sour neighbor walking toward me. He had told me that our tree lost two limbs during the night. Since they fell across the road he had his chain saw out and cut them up to move them. I didn’t hear the storm. I didn’t hear the limbs come down.

This tree was on our property when we bought the house over 30 years ago. I have have it trimmed several times over the years. We have lost some small branches during the winters and during some storms, but nothing like this.

In case you can’t immediately see where the branches were, here is another shot:

As you can see, these were not small thin branches that came down. Thankfully the tree is at the back of our property and not close to any buildings. Thankfully we also have a good and helpful neighbor.


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13 responses to “Losing a Limb

  1. Rita K.

    Interesting how things can change overnight. I see this as a great intro into a story with that theme. Love the pictures and glad this worked out well.

  2. Bob, I was sitting in the eye specialist’s office not seeing well from the dilation so I am glad that you shared your close-up shot. We also had this year’s storms lop off a few more large branches. At one point one of our neighbors did help to drag the heavy branch to the curb for the county crew to pick up. It is amazing how much devastation there can be after a storm. Neighbors are wonderful people. We have ones on either side of us that have been a big help during our move.

    • Carol, I have said before and will probably say it again, we have wonderful neighbors. I wouldn’t trust me with a chain saw so I am glad Brian had one and used it. They must have made quite a ruckus when they broke and fell, but I never heard a thing. On the other hand, a cat has a furball during the thing and it wakes me right up. Go figure.

  3. Lainie Levin

    Oh my goodness. That’s quite a breakage there. Glad there wasn’t more damage to the tree or anything else. We’ve got a tree somewhat close to our house and some of the branches are a bit nervous-making. Time to coordinate with our neighbor on a trim…

  4. Here, in South India trees never lose all their leaves. I saw this in Germany, when I was there in the winter on 2017. Later, after returning back, it was good to see the trees becoming green again when we had video calls with our daughter.

  5. We have four seasons here in Pennsylvania and it is something to see the trees go from bare in winter to lacy in spring, to full leaves in summer to fall colors in autumn.

  6. I came home from work one day and discovered a tree had fallen the night before. It was a huge tree but I had t even heard the wind that blew it over. In my hurry to get to work I hadn’t noticed it on the ground. I don’t think I’ve slept that soundly since!

  7. A thunderstorm blow through NYC last week. It was around 5-6pm so sleeping through it was not an option as I watched winds blow and cracked cheeks. It was intriguing the next day to see several decently sized branches grounded or precariously hung from trees in a way someone had to come finish the job started in Gaea’s tantrum. These are trees I have seen grow for the past 20 years, give or take, in my neighborhood. They were not my trees, but I knew them if that makes any sense, so I too had that sense of “losing a limb”.

    • Just goes to show that no matter how strong you think you are , you are still no match for Mother Nature. It is sad to see a proud tree fall. My concern has always been the trees I see that have fallen on the power lines.

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