We Made It

Day 31

March Slice of Life Challenge 2021 is over.

All of us need to celebrate a month of writing.

Revisiting old friends and making new ones.

Cheering each other’s triumphs.

Humorous posts making us laugh.

Several times we may have just made it, posting under the wire.

Late though it may have been we still got posted.

It seems only fitting at the end of this month that we

Choose to express gratitude to

Everyone who took time to read and comment.

Of course there were tears along with laughter.

Feelings were expressed through our writings.

Life experiences unite us.

In our words we let others into our lives.

Fearful of exposing ourselves we still show our vulnerability.

Encouraged by this wonderful community.

Challenging at times.

Hard to think of something new to say.

Always ready to comment.

Looking for just the right words.

Lists are sometimes the way to go.

Every post bringing us closer to the end.

Not wanting to give up.

Giving it our all.

Ending as beginning on a high.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting this yearly challenge. We are all better writers because of it.

Thank you to all who stopped, read, and commented on my posts. Your remarks are truly appreciated.


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28 responses to “We Made It

  1. Book Dragon

    I LOVE this slice. I echo your sentiments – you expressed them beautifully

  2. This line says it all. “Life Experiences Unite Us.” How true. Congratulations on 31 days of slicing!

  3. Great way to end with an acrostic poem. My favorite line – In our words we let others into our lives. You have captured our community spirit, Bob. Thanks for all your wonderful posts and for always visiting my blog. It was and is greatly appreciated.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    What a fitting finale! I just got Linda Sue Park’s book Tap Dancing on the Roof, thanks to you. This month has absolutely done what you say: “We are all better writers because of it.” Thanks for being one of my daily blogs. See you Tuesday (fingers crossed).

  5. I love that you created an acrostic poem! Awesome!!

  6. Your poem is delightful! The format is fun and the phrases are apt. This was a good way to wrap up the writing challenge.

  7. Such a fun poem! A fitting celebration. I love the line “In our words we let others into our lives.” It is what makes the challenge special- most of all for us long time slicers.

  8. This poem is just incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed the acrostic approach for this last post. It’s like an ambassador post celebrating everything we all accomplished this month. I want to personally thank you for being a constant in my writing world. I have appreciated your support so much. Cheers!

  9. JudyK /J Koval

    Great poem, and so, SO true. “Encouraged by this wonderful community” sums it up well….Lots to celebrate in this community! 🙂 ~JudyK

  10. I love this poem! It’s a nice ending to the month of writing.

  11. Leigh Anne Eck

    You have captured the challenges of this challenge but also the many joys and celebrations as well! I need to go back and look at your quilt posts as I didn’t make it here as often I would have liked and missed those. For April I am writing poems every day (hopefully!) about quilts, so maybe I will get some inspiration from your posts!

  12. As a champion cheerleader in this March Slice of Life Challenge, I commend you, Bob. Your willingness to support others is amazing. This ending acrostic poem holds the spirit of the challenge, the energy, the lows, and the ever-abiding presence of those who love writing for its opportunity to bind with one another. Now, off to Poetry Month to savor the poetic goodness that many writing friends will offer. Hope to see you online, Bob with a poem or two.

  13. Lainie Levin

    And thank YOU for being such an important part of my own writing community as well. I’ve enjoyed reading, commenting, laughing and sighing right along with you. Hoping to catch more of your writing soon. =))

  14. And so much thanks in return for being a part of why I enjoy slicing on Tuesdays and participate in the yearly writing challenge. See you next week.

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